about the beta HCG test It is really exciting, and at the same time, nerve-wracking to take a pregnancy test. There is a lot riding on the results of the tests, and so, it helps if you know a few facts about it from before. It will also help you get more accurate results. So, the way you get to know about pregnancy is through a beta HCG test. Before getting into the facts about the test, let’s first look into what it actually is.

Understanding the HCG test

You must be thinking, ‘so what is HCG?’ Well, HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone. It is usually called the pregnancy hormone because the placenta cells make it. It helps in nourishing the egg after its fertilization and attachment to the walls of the uterus.

A blood test can detect HCG levels after eleven days of conception, and a urine test can detect it after twelve to fourteen days of conception. The beta HCG level after IVF must be tested twelve days after the egg retrieval and a week after blastocyst transfer.

Five important factors about HCG tests

  1. The longer the wait, the higher the accuracy of results

You should wait for at least a week after you have missed your period before you get the test done. Otherwise, your beta HCG test cost would just be wasted. Keep in mind that HCG levels double every three days, so it’s better to wait.

  1. Do not drink too much water before testing

Drinking water or any such fluids before taking the tests can affect its results. The urine becomes diluted, and it has a clear or pale yellow color. The levels of the hormone go down, and you will not get accurate results.

  1. The best time to test is the first thing in the morning

The best time to take the pregnancy test is the first thing in the morning. When you test first thing in the morning, you are more likely to get accurate results because the levels of HCG are high at that time.

  1. Check the sensitivity of the pregnancy test strip

Not all pregnancy tests have the same level of sensitivity. The concentration of the hormone that can be detected by the test will be mentioned on the packaging. Check that before buying the pregnancy test kit, or if you are ready to bear the beta HCG test cost in Delhi, go for a blood test to be sure.

  1. A false positive is rarer than a false negative

False negatives happen when you test it too early, and the HCG levels in your body are not high enough. Give it three more days and test again to be sure. However, false positives are rare, and they might only happen if you have an ovarian cyst, or are taking fertility drugs.

Make sure you keep these factors in mind when you go ahead and carry out the pregnancy test. Best of luck!