21 02, 2024

Semen Analysis Test: Sperm Count, Motility, Morphology, & Other Parameters

Semen analysis is a crucial diagnostic test conducted to assess the health and fertility of a man's reproductive system. It involves the examination of a semen sample to evaluate various parameters that play a key role in male fertility. This comprehensive analysis provides valuable insights into the quantity and quality of sperm, aiding in the

8 02, 2024

Follicular Study: Process, Report and Utility in IVF

What is a Follicular Study? Follicular study, also known as ovarian monitoring or follicle tracking, is a medical procedure used to monitor the growth and development of ovarian follicles in a woman's ovaries during her menstrual cycle. This process is particularly important for couples undergoing fertility treatments or those trying to conceive naturally. In this

31 01, 2024

Sperm Cramps: Its Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Prevention

Each person's body reacts distinctively to sexual arousal and orgasm. While some find pleasure and relief in these experiences, others may experience pain and discomfort, specifically in the testicles. Referred to medically as post-orgasmic pain syndrome (POPS), semen cramps characterize the painful response that some men encounter post-ejaculation. From a medical perspective, "sperm cramps" denotes

22 07, 2021

Ways to Boost Male Fertility And Increase Sperm Count

Infertility is now more common than you might think. It affects one in every 6 couples and researchers estimate about 1 in every 3 cases is due to fertility problems in male partners alone. While infertility is not always treatable, there are some things you can do to boost your chances of conceiving. One of

20 11, 2019

Why is male infertility on the rise in India?

The number of childless couples in India & statistics of male infertility are increasing at a faster pace. The male infertility rate in India is on the rise. Though the very root cause of male infertility remains undetermined, a few factors that have led to infertility among men in India have been determined. The main cause