18 09, 2017

Journey of a Power Couple to a Power Trio

We at Gaudium IVF, the best IVF centre in Delhi are known for treating the most complicated and challenging cases and delivering successful results. Read on to find out how we successfully treated one of the most challenging cases we have come across. Please Note: For confidentiality purposes, the real names of the couple are

5 12, 2016

Implantation Failure-Identifying the Culprit

IVF is a protocol-oriented process, which is carried out in a series of steps in a definite order. Embryo implantation is one of the key aspects of IVF and the fate of the cycle depends greatly upon its success. There are times when women have picture-perfect embryos, yet they fail to implant in the uterus

28 11, 2016

IVF cycle documentation: Why should the patient insist?

IVF is an advanced medical procedure but its success rate is limited. Although a great deal of time, money and emotions are at stake with every failed IVF cycle, there is a lesson to be learnt with the same. The key issue here is to find out what went amiss with the cycle that led