30 09, 2022

Know Why Young People In Their 20s Are Experiencing Infertility

Infertility has been on the rise in young people for a while now. Dr Manika Khanna addresses some of the common causes leading to an increase in cases of infertility in couples. What Is Infertility? Infertility is described as the inability to conceive (get pregnant) after one year (or more) of unprotected intercourse. Some doctors

12 09, 2022

Both Men And Women Equally Contribute to Infertility in India, Says IVF Experts

Both Men And Women Equally Contributes to Infertility in India, Says IVF Experts (Source: Freepik) Gaudium IVF, one of the leading-approved fertility treatment clinics well known for utilizing most advanced reproductive technology, has come upon a remarkable breakthrough in establishing that 40% men, 40% women, and 20% both combined are contributing towards infertility cases in

7 08, 2021

A Tubal Reversal Or In Vitro Fertilisation?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions we receive, Which draws our attention to it. So What are the options for couples who desire to conceive following tubal sterilization?   Life is full of surprises. Circumstances with the time change, priorities change and family-building goals may change accordingly. That is why many women Despite

28 07, 2021

Want to conceive but struggling with Tubal Blockage?

Carrying the baby in your womb and holding him/her in your arms hold a lot of emotions that only a female can understand. Every woman wants to experience this emotion but unfortunately, some are unable to conceive naturally due to many medical reasons. Around 10-12% of the couples with fertility issues visiting Gaudium IVF, have tubal factors as

20 07, 2021

Infertility adds to the stress! Relax and seek fertility advice

Family planning is a part of life and every couple sooner or later wants to get down to it.  But these days even young couples are finding it difficult to conceive even after several years of trying. We might take it as a consequence of the changing trends in the way of life. Infertility is a