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Best IVF Centre in Mumbai

High Success Rate
Expertise in Multiple Failed IVF
World-Class Treatment at Low EMI

Welcome to Gaudium IVF Mumbai

Gaudium IVF is the best IVF Centre in Mumbai, praised by patients and medical experts. We attach great importance to the quality of care and follow-up of our patients. Our support is completely personalized and adapted to your needs. We offer excellent support and service to help you achieve your dream of becoming a parent.


Winner of Healthcare Brand of the Year 2023
Winner of Healthcare Brand of the Year 2023
Dr Manika Khanna Awarded Quality Choice by ESQR July 2022
Awarded the highly prestigious Quality Award by ESQR (European Society for Quality Research) Spain, 2022
IVF Leader of the Year, India Award
IVF Leader of the Year, India Award by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar at Healthcare Heroes Conclave & Awards
Best IVF Chain Award
Leading with Innovation
*2019 Best IVF Chain Award by Frost & Sullivan (USA)
Medical Science and Practice Award
Awarded "Name in Medical Science and Practice" for contribution to Global Women Health by Oxford (UK) in 2021
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Gaudium IVF - Best IVF Centre in Khar, Mumbai

4th floor, Samaj Kendra Building, Anand Vihar Society, 20th Road, Chitrakar Dhurandhar Marg, Khar West, Mumbai 400052

Why Gaudium IVF?

Gaudium IVF (Best IVF Centre in Mumbai) was established to make the dream of parenthood come true. Founded by Dr. Manika Khanna, a globally acclaimed and eminent infertility specialist. Gaudium IVF has been recognized as the top IVF Centre for fertility treatment for over a decade.

High Success Rate
High Success Rate

Our high success rates are reason why countless couples trusts us and have achieved their dream of parenthood successfully.

Handle World's Most Complex Cases

We understand the trauma of infertility and multiple IVF failures. That’s why we provide not only the medical expertise but the emotional support as well.

IVF baby
World-Class Treatment at Low EMI
Affordable Treatment

We provide world-class IVF treatment at low-cost EMI.

Personalized Attention
Personalized Attention

We listen patiently to all your problems and address your needs with personalized care.

Dr. Manika Khanna (Founder, CEO & Chairperson of Gaudium)

Dr. Manika Khanna Dr. Manika Khanna, a Woman, a Mother a Doctor, a Business entrepreneur & a Social worker who gave a new dimension to the IVF business market by helping hopeless childless couples.

She is a lifetime member of the ISAR (Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction), the ASRM (American Society of Reproductive Medicine), and the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHERE). She was awarded an honorary professorship by the Academic Union of Oxford in Oxford, London, UK.

Dr. Khanna has been honored as the IVF leader of the year by Dainik Jagran in 2023. Driven by innovative commitment and steadfast determination to help childless couples in their parenthood journey, Gaudium has earned its reputation as the best name in the field of In vitro fertilization treatment.

Gaudium, Latin for “Joy”, has inaugurated a new era of top-tier quality treatment as a highly effective IVF/Fertility Clinic in India. It has gained prominence as the most trusted IVF Clinic for patients seeking fertility care.

Gaudium IVF - One of the Best IVF Centre in Mumbai

Best IVF Centre in Mumbai

In Mumbai, when a couple is faced with infertility and the question of Medically Assisted Reproduction arises, it is only natural that one searches for the IVF Centre/Hospital in Mumbai. So, how does one know or establish which is the best IVF clinic in their city? Although IVF Centres are strictly regulated by the government but there is no official ranking or classification of these are provided or released.

But there are certain criteria or methods using which one may choose the infertility clinic. One needs to do proper research when opting for an IVF Centre/Clinic/Hospital. To choose the best assisted reproduction centre for you, you can check with your family doctor and also find out about the team, reputation, history, reviews, quality of service, and infrastructure of the potential shortlisted IVF Centre.

Fertility Clinic in Mumbai

Many couples face challenges in finding the Fertility Treatment Clinic in Mumbai as this is a procedure that requires specialist guidance and medical intervention. Gaudium IVF Mumbai is the best fertility clinic that has helped many couples in their struggle with infertility and realize many dreams of parenthood. With a legacy of excellence, commitment, and compassionate care.

Services offered at Gaudium IVF in Mumbai

Gaudium IVF Centre in Mumbai offers the following fertility treatments:

  • In vitro fertilization (IVF)
  • Intrauterine insemination (IUI)
  • Male Infertility
  • Female Infertility
  • Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD)
  • Endometriosis Treatment
  • Ovulation Induction (OI)
  • Testicular Sperm Aspiration Procedure (TESA)
  • Infertility Surgeries
  • Laser-assisted hatching (LAH)

IVF Hospital in Mumbai

Gaudium IVF has emerged out as best IVF hospital in Mumbai. Gaudium IVF Mumbai has equipped with advanced laboratories and highly experienced infertility specialists who provide world-class treatment and gentle care to the patient. We ensure that every patient gets the personalised treatment with our advanced technology and gentle care.

What sets Gaudium apart from other centers is our unique approach, a Patient-centric approach. We understand the infertility journey is challenging emotionally as well as psychologically for couples. And that’s why we provide not only medical expertise but emotional support as well, guiding our patients with passion and empathy.

Gaudium practices with transparency and with ethics. Doctors at Gaudium prefer clear communication with the patients regarding treatment options, costs and possible outcomes. This commitment to honest, integrity and transparency has earned the trust of patients who have achieved their dreams of parenthood.

In conclusion, We provide the best fertility care and is synonymous with excellence in fertility care. With a team of experienced doctors, state–of–the–art labs, and a patient-centric approach, Gaudium IVF has come a long way as the IVF center/hospital in Mumbai.

IVF Treatment Cost in Mumbai

The cost of IVF depends on the procedures and treatments required during the treatment. They require initial consultation charges along with charges of diagnostic and corrective tests, which are both crucial, before deciding upon the line of treatment.

IVF Specialists perform IVF treatment in various stages such as ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval, sperm/semen retrieval, fertilization, and embryo transfer amongst others. In each of these stages, a team of specialists with state-of-the-art equipment requires the patients to bear the charges for these services. Costing of IVF treatment in Mumbai will also depend upon the choice of the clinic. Some couples prefer big hospitals whereas others may prefer smaller centres with more personalized monitoring.

There are no set criteria or rules as such for choosing the best IVF Centre and the said may depend upon one’s personal choice, but the said choice impacts the cost of IVF treatment as well. The important thing is for the patient to feel happy, secure, and confident about their choice.

At Gaudium we observe total transparency about costs with our patients; we pride ourselves in providing the quality treatment at the affordable cost with rapid and personalized support.

Best IVF Doctors in Mumbai at Gaudium IVF

Gaudium IVF is one of the top IVF centres in Mumbai having advanced technology and the latest equipment needed to achieve the best results. Our team consists of the finest fertility, and IVF doctors in Mumbai.

Over the years couples from across the city, the country, and even overseas have benefitted from our guidance and the various techniques, services, and support that we offer at Gaudium IVF in Mumbai. Our IVF Center provides an optimal environment for our patients that is accessible and comfortable.

You will meet highly experienced specialists and expert doctors in our center throughout your journey. The path to pregnancy can be unpredictable, Gaudium IVF Centre was established with the idea to provide better infertility treatment and compassionate support for couples. Throughout your treatment, you will be accompanied by fertility specialist doctors as well as a team of on-call doctors to ensure your follow-up 7 days a week.

We are with you from the start of your project until the arrival of your baby. Our team of doctors brings a wealth of experience in thousands of IVF procedures maintaining consistently high success rates. We also specialize in the treatment of patients with multiple failed IVF cycles.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which IVF clinic has highest success rate in Mumbai?

Answer: Gaudium IVF has been ranked No.2 in India for a high IVF success rate by the Times Health Survey.

Which Centre is best for IVF treatment?

Answer: Gaudium IVF is the best IVF treatment centre in Mumbai City, providing world-class IVF/Fertility treatment with a high success rate at a low EMI.

What is the cost of IVF (In vitro fertilisation) in Mumbai?

Answer: The Cost of IVF Treatment depends on the patient's case (age, past history, cause of infertility) and protocols of the treatment but Gaudium IVF consultation and initial investigation are Free.

How to Choose the Best IVF Clinic in Mumbai?

Answer: To select the best IVF clinic in Mumbai City and other areas, you can consider all these points: 1. Extensive research about the clinic 2. Applied technology 3. Rate of Success 4. Treatment Cost 5. The doctor's experience and reputation.

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