16 10, 2017

Oncofertility: A Hope for Cancer Patients

Oncofertility A Hope for Cancer Patients Fertility preservation is basically the preservation of the capability of a person to start a family at a time of his or her choosing. There has been a need for oncofertility, fertility preservation in cancer patients, with the decrease in mortality rate and increase in unwanted side

30 06, 2017

Ovarian Reserve and Egg Quality: What Difference is seen by IVF clinic in Delhi

What Difference is seen by IVF clinics in Delhi The egg is undisputedly one of the most vital links in the reproductive chain. Conception, natural or assisted, takes place only when it is fertilized by the male sperm. Therefore, the quantity and quality of egg are crucial for successful pregnancy that gives a

21 06, 2017

The Role of an Embryologist in IVF Centres in Delhi

The Role of an Embryologist in IVF Centres in Delhi IVF is a sophisticated procedure, which works like clockwork, with every process and every person having a part to play. It is imperative to think that the IVF specialist is the most important link of the chain. However, there is someone else who

22 05, 2017

Understanding Embryo Grading

Understanding Embryo Grading The success of IVF treatment depends upon a variety of factors. One of the most significant amongst these is the quality of embryo. Poor quality embryo is most likely to yield a failed cycle due to implantation failure. If pregnancy does take place, there is risk of fetal abnormalities, miscarriage,

14 12, 2016

Are IVF babies healthy in body and mind?

The advancement of Assisted Reproductive Techniques has come as a boon for thousands of childless couples who have been able to experience the joy of progeny with these. At the same time, questions have always cropped up about the credibility of these procedures because, after all, they involve fiddling with nature. There are people who

12 12, 2016

Deciding the Number of Embryos to be transferred during IVF

IVF is one of the most widely applied Artificial Reproductive Techniques used the world over for combating complex infertility issues. The procedure is aimed at helping infertile couples to have a single, healthy baby by implanting a lab-prepared embryo(s) in the uterus of the woman. It follows a stringent protocol, with every step being adhered