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Best IUI Treatment in Delhi from Gaudium IVF

IUI Treatment in Delhi Intrauterine Sperm Injection or IUI

Intrauterine insemination, also known as artificial insemination, is a procedure where sperm are placed directly inside a woman’s uterine cavity to increase the likelihood of fertilization. For a couple facing problems with natural conception, IUI treatment serves as a simple, affordable and effective fertility treatment option. Since IUI treatment involves selection of healthy sperm and introducing them directly to the mature female egg, it is particularly helpful in mild male-factor infertility.

Hailed as the best IUI centre in Delhi, Gaudium IVF centre offers personalised IUI treatment tailor-made to your individual needs.

Once your fertility specialist has established the root cause of infertility through standard testing, they may recommend IUI in the following situations:

  • If the male partner is unable to produce healthy sperm or is unable to have sexual intercourse due to a physical or medical condition
  • If there are problems with sperm count or quality (sperm movement, shape, or size)
  • If the male partner suffers from impotence – unable to have or sustain an erection
  • If the female is experiencing irregular or absent ovulation
  • If the female has been diagnosed with a cervix-related disorder(unlike during sexual intercourse, in IUI the sperm does not come in contact with the cervix as it is placed directly into the uterine cavity)
  • Same sex couples often opt for IUI with donor sperm
  • IUI treatment may be the first recourse in case of unexplained infertility – when the cause of infertility cannot be established

The IUI Treatment Procedure

For the IUI treatment to take place, the fallopian tubes must be healthy and without blockage. Prior to treatment, your doctor will run diagnostic tests to assess the health of your uterus. You will be given fertility medication to stimulate ovulation and your menstrual cycle will be closely monitored to determine the exact time of ovulation.

IUI treatment is generally performed within 6 to 24 hours of ovulation. On the day of the procedure, the male partner provides a specimen of sperm which is washed to remove seminal fluid and any dead sperm. Your doctor then places the washed sperm into the uterus using a soft, thin tube called a catheter. The process of sperm insertion is fairly painless, takes about 5 minutes and does not require anaesthesia. You may experience minor discomfort as the vagina is held open using a speculum, however, it subsides quickly and you can resume your routine activities soon after.

Following the IUI treatment, your doctor may prescribe progesterone suppositories (vaginal inserts) to strengthen the endometrial lining and support implantation of the embryo, which generally occurs 6 to 12 days after IUI treatment.

For some patients it may take more than one IUI cycle to achieve pregnancy. Also, IUI is generally more successful for women under 40. Based on individual diagnosis, women over the age of 40 may need more intensive treatment such as IVF treatment or ICSI treatment.

If you have questions about IUI and infertility treatment in India, or would like a second opinion, fertility experts at Gaudium IVF will be glad to answer your queries.