13 11, 2023

Irregular Period: Exploring Causes, Impacts, and Solutions for Reproductive Health

Navigating the complexities of irregular menstrual cycles can be a challenging journey for individuals aspiring to conceive. In the realm of reproductive health, a typical menstrual cycle is expected to span 21 to 35 days, with variations considered within the realms of normalcy. However, the presence of irregularities introduces a unique set of challenges, particularly

26 07, 2023

Dr. Manika Khanna’s Message on World IVF Day 2023 to Childless Couples

Lack of proper awareness about IVF continues to be a big hurdle. What are the common misconceptions about it? We have to recognize that this is a medical condition and not a sin committed by the wife or the husband Thanks to advanced medical technology, most of these cases are now treatable and the couple

7 12, 2022

Foods and Lifestyle Habits for Women that Help in Better Conception

When we talk about a healthy body, a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle habits are inevitable. And for women, it is even more important, as, with growing age, the deterioration in health leads to many complications, including conceiving, and that’s the reason many women end up taking an alternative called IVF. As per studies, for

30 09, 2022

Know Why Young People In Their 20s Are Experiencing Infertility

Infertility has been on the rise in young people for a while now. Dr Manika Khanna addresses some of the common causes leading to an increase in cases of infertility in couples. What Is Infertility? Infertility is described as the inability to conceive (get pregnant) after one year (or more) of unprotected intercourse. Some doctors

28 07, 2021

Want to conceive but struggling with Tubal Blockage?

Carrying the baby in your womb and holding him/her in your arms hold a lot of emotions that only a female can understand. Every woman wants to experience this emotion but unfortunately, some are unable to conceive naturally due to many medical reasons. Around 10-12% of the couples with fertility issues visiting Gaudium IVF, have tubal factors as