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Mantrana: Professional Fertility Counselling to Ease Your Journey to Parenthood

Support Counselling

Gaudium IVF & Gynae Solutions Centre is the first infertility centre in India to offer personalised counseling for the benefit of fertility patients in the form of a unique counselling & support program, MANTRANA.

The journey of infertility treatment can be a long and stressful one. This can take physical and emotional toll on both partners and affect the patient’s response to fertility treatment. With years of research supporting the negative impact of stress on both spontaneous and assisted pregnancies, fertility clinics can no longer ignore the importance of counselling for fertility patients.

At Gaudium IVF, patient counselling is an important aspect of fertility treatment. Our exclusive counselling program, MANTRANA, is designed to help patients cope with stress and foster healthier interpersonal relationships while dealing with the challenge of infertility.

By understanding the specific needs of each patient, our compassionate and experienced counsellors help fertility couples adopt a healthier lifestyle and empower them to deal with fertility-related stress. You learn practical stress management and relaxation techniques which help you overcome stress and derive maximum benefit from your fertility treatment.

Due to this patient-centric approach adopted throughout our centres across India, MANTRANA has contributed a significant increase to our treatment success rates, earning us the distinction of the most patient-centric best IVF centre in Delhi, India.

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