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Male Infertility Treatment in Delhi

Male Infertility Treatment in Delhi

Infertility or sterility is the difficulty in conceiving a child. We speak of infertility when, in the absence of any contraception and despite regular and fairly frequent sexual intercourse, a couple fails to conceive a child after reasonable amount of time. In at least 30% of cases, a couple's infertility comes from the man alone. In around 50% of couples, it is the man and the woman both. Abnormal sperm quality affects almost half of couples who have difficulty having children.

In this situation, getting pregnant naturally is extremely complicated and therefore the aspect of male infertility must be taken very seriously. The subject of male infertility is still taboo among men. A majority of them still believe that infertility always comes only from women. A strong prejudice is still prevalent which link male infertility to virility. At Gaudium Fertility Clinic are team of doctors and specialist offers the best male infertility treatment in Delhi .

Male Infertility Issues

There may be a few issues which may cause male infertility. The first being sexual dysfunction. This happens when there is a disruption in ejaculation which does not allow the sperm to access the female genital tract. Issues with formation and production of sperm by the testicles can also be the reason for male infertility. A disturbance in spermatogenesis which is the process of sperm formation is by far the most common causes of male infertility. It could be absence of sperm production, quantitative or qualitative disturbances, varicocele which is abnormal dilation of the spermatic veins amongst other reasons.

Male infertility may also be due to an obstacle in the genital tract preventing sperm from coming to mix with seminal fluid at the time of ejaculation. The obstruction can be the result of infection, trauma, or surgery such as a vasectomy. Insufficient testosterone, characterized by low hair growth or a build-up of fat in the thighs, can also decrease fertility.

Symptoms of Male Infertility

Generally, during the initial medical check-ups for infertility, most tests and examinations are female oriented as the female reproductive system is much more complex than that of a man. To diagnose male infertility, the first step is to develop a detailed history that includes the patient's personal and family medical history, sex life, use of fertility-damaging substances such as alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, exposure to excessive heat or radiation. This is followed by complete physical examination.

The diagnosis of infertility in men is primarily based on semen analysis. The spermogram is an examination apparently very simple to perform but which requires a methodology which is all the more standardized, precise and rigorous as the analysis is often subjective as for the evaluation of sperm mobility and morphology. Male fertility depends on many factors and can fluctuate over time. The results of a spermogram alone are not sufficient and must be interpreted in conjunction with other complementary examinations and extensive and personalized clinical exploration.

Male Infertility Doctor near your Location

During the diagnosis, the doctor will study the different hypotheses one after the other in order to know the origin of male infertility. Treatment for male infertility will vary depending on the reason for the problem. Hormonal treatment can be implemented to restore an imbalance while surgery can be considered in case of impermeability of the genital tract.

Good news for all those suffering from male infertility, thanks to our specialists and to new techniques and technologies in assisted reproduction, most male infertility disorders has their solutions. Whatever may be the issue, doctors at the Gaudium Fertility Clinic with their expertise and experience backed by latest technology can provide the best possible treatment and care. Patients from all around Delhi and the county trust us. Numerous couples have given us the opportunity to be part of the founding of their families. No matter where you are located in the country you will be most probably near to a male infertility doctor near your location because of chain of Gaudium IVF Clinics.

Cost of male Infertility Treatment in Delhi

Depending upon the issue and line of treatment cost of male infertility treatment in Delhi may vary. The costs involve charges of consultation, tests and examinations for diagnosis of the problem and then of the treatment to be undertaken. Costs will also include that of medication and personal expenses of travel, stay and more if required.

At Gaudium fertility clinic our goal is to provide the best possible quality treatment at minimum burden to our patients. Low cost IVF clinics generally do not work and in fact costs a couple more in the long run. Male infertility treatment is generally not covered under traditional medical insurance cover. We believe in observing absolute transparency with our patient thus after the initial diagnosis our team can help you understand each and every aspect of the cost of male infertility treatment in Delhi.

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