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World Class IVF Treatment in Delhi

ivf treatment in india

IVF treatment or in vitro fertilization aims to give couples the greatest possible chance of having a child in as smooth and safe a way as possible. Each IVF treatment is therefore adapted based on the couple's individual circumstances. Gaudium IVF Clinic operates as a leading and responsible clinic providing world class IVF treatment in Delhi.

Gaudium IVF Clinic offers couples high-quality IVF treatments in Delhi in the most efficient manner. At Gaudium we aim to be at the forefront of making the latest technology and treatment methods available to our patients. Patients who are searching for a reliable and competently performed IVF treatment with high success rate in Delhi should choose Gaudium because of our solid experience and reliable expertise. Gaudium is one of the most successful and reputable IVF organization in Delhi. We are pleased to say that we have helped as many as thousands of couples fulfill their dreams of parenthood since 2009.

Indication of IVF Treatment

Age - Related Infertility (Age Factor) – Age plays an important role especially the woman's age. It is scientifically proven that in women fertility declines from the age of 37 onwards. The quality and also the number of active eggs decline with age.

Man's infertility – Contrary to popular belief, infertility does not always come from the woman. Four out of ten times infertility is caused by men due to drop in the quality of sperms.

Anomalies of the uterine tubes – Issues with the uterine tubes like blocked or damaged fallopian tube can cause infertility as it may prevent the sperm from reaching the egg and fertilizing it.

Unexplained infertility - Few times when the reason for infertility is not clear even after diagnosis and other treatments are unsuccessful, doctors may recommend the IVF procedure.

Why to Take IVF Treatment from Delhi

Couples from all over India can avail best expertise and latest technology in Delhi. At Gaudium IVF Clinic Delhi, we strive for a healthy method of fertility and support our patients medically, physically and emotionally. We do everything to ensure that you arrive as a patient and leave as a parent. For us, quality also means meeting the expectations that the couples places on us.

For a good overall experience, good care is also required. Care is primarily about listening, reasoning openly, reporting how different treatment options can be evaluated and considered depending on the patient's unique condition.

The aim of this approach is to provide as realistic a picture as possible before deciding on treatment. We care about the patient's overall experience of the visit with us. Each patient must be treated based on needs and conditions and offered individually tailored treatment. Our medical specialist competence together with our dedicated care will create trust before, during and after the treatment process.

Top Panels of Doctors in Delhi for IVF Treatment

Our top panel of competent and committed doctors and staff is our most important asset and resource. Under the able leadership and guidance of Dr. Manika Khanna, we recruit, train and retain only the best talent. Our team of doctors, embryologists, nurses and even administrative staff are highly qualified with the required formal qualifications with many also having doctoral degrees and having participated in research studies. We understand the significance of offering continuous competence development, opportunities for research and a professional work environment to our employees.

Our people take pride in what they do and feel proud to work at Gaudium. Our goal is to be a leader in research and development in the treatment of infertility, comparable to the best in the world. Numerous awards, accolades and recognition stand testimonial about the quality of team and services rendered at the Gaudium IVF Clinic.

Cost of IVF Treatment in Delhi

The cost of IVF treatment in Delhi varies on a case to case basis. We at Gaudium IVF Centre practice totally transparency concerning the costs of treatment. We are also the pioneer of first of its kind financial support program using which couples can avail for highest quality infertility treatment in India. Cost of IVF treatment includes charges which are of procedures performed during in vitro fertilization (consultations, ultrasounds, biological examinations, hormonal treatments, oocyte sampling, replacement and freezing of embryos). In a certain number of cases, there may be an additional intervention for which additional charges would be involved.

Other costs involved will that be of medications and also there would be costs involved for patients such as traveling, stay and more. Most traditional health insurance policies don’t cover IVF or fertility treatments. But in the last few years some insurance companies have introduced plans in which infertility treatment is covered or is offered as an additional cover.

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