21 02, 2024

Semen Analysis Test: Sperm Count, Motility, Morphology, & Other Parameters

Semen analysis is a crucial diagnostic test conducted to assess the health and fertility of a man's reproductive system. It involves the examination of a semen sample to evaluate various parameters that play a key role in male fertility. This comprehensive analysis provides valuable insights into the quantity and quality of sperm, aiding in the

1 01, 2024

Understanding Poor Egg Quality and its Influence on IVF Success

IVF, a breakthrough in reproductive science, brings hope to many couples longing for conception. Despite its promise, a major IVF obstacle remains compromised egg quality. This issue substantially influences the procedure's IVF success rates. Egg quality holds pivotal importance in successful fertilization and subsequent embryo development. Compromised egg quality encompasses abnormalities impacting their structure or

5 03, 2018

A quick guide to increase your egg health

For women, healthy eggs are one of the basic factors for getting pregnant as quickly as you would expect. There was once a common belief among people that a woman's egg health depends upon her age and as she crosses her 30's the quality of her eggs begin to decline. But this is not true

16 10, 2017

Oncofertility: A Hope for Cancer Patients

Oncofertility A Hope for Cancer Patients Fertility preservation is basically the preservation of the capability of a person to start a family at a time of his or her choosing. There has been a need for oncofertility, fertility preservation in cancer patients, with the decrease in mortality rate and increase in unwanted side

3 02, 2017

All about Sperm Banking

The number and quality of sperms are the main parameters of male fertility. Unlike females, age seldom affects fertility in males. It is so because the sperm quantity and quality are hardly influenced as the man grows older. Unfortunately, some men, such as cancer patients, are at risk of losing their fertility in future due