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Best IVF Centre in Srinagar

High Success Rate
Expert in Handling Multiple Failed IVF Cases
World-Class Treatment at Low EMI

Welcome to Gaudium IVF Centre Srinagar

Gaudium IVF is highly regarded in Srinagar as a top-notch IVF facility, praised by both patients and medical experts. We prioritize the utmost quality of care and diligent patient follow-up. Our support is entirely tailored to your unique requirements, ensuring an excellent level of assistance during your path to achieving your parenthood dreams.


Winner of Healthcare Brand of the Year 2023
Winner of Healthcare Brand of the Year 2023
Dr Manika Khanna Awarded Quality Choice by ESQR July 2022
Awarded the highly prestigious Quality Award by ESQR (European Society for Quality Research) Spain, 2022
IVF Leader of the Year, India Award
IVF Leader of the Year, India Award by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar at Healthcare Heroes Conclave & Awards
Best IVF Chain Award
Leading with Innovation
*2019 Best IVF Chain Award by Frost & Sullivan (USA)
Medical Science and Practice Award
Awarded "Name in Medical Science and Practice" for contribution to Global Women Health by Oxford (UK) in 2021
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Gaudium IVF - Best IVF Centre in Srinagar

M A Plaza: Ground Floor, IG Road Main Chowk, Hyderpora, Opp Jamia Masjid, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir 190014.

Why Gaudium IVF?

Gaudium IVF was founded with the sole purpose of fulfilling the aspiration of parenthood. Dr. Manika Khanna, a globally acclaimed infertility specialist, established this renowned center, which has held the prestigious title of India's leading IVF facility for more than a decade.

High Success Rate
High Success Rate

Our remarkable success rates have earned the trust of countless couples, enabling them to realize their dreams of becoming parents.

Handling the Most Challenging Cases

We understand the emotional distress caused by infertility and repeated IVF failures. That's why we offer not just medical expertise but also emotional support.

IVF baby
World-Class Treatment at Low EMI
Cost-Effective Treatment

We deliver world-class IVF treatments with flexible and affordable EMI options, ensuring accessibility for all.

Personalized Attention
Personalized Care

We attentively listen to your concerns and provide personalized care to meet your unique needs.

Dr. Manika Khanna (Founder, CEO & Chairperson of Gaudium)

Dr. Manika Khanna Dr. Manika Khanna a woman, mother, medical expert, forward-thinking entrepreneur, and social worker, instigated a transformative wave in the IVF sector, offering optimism to couples grappling with infertility.

Her affiliation with esteemed organizations, such as the Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction (ISAR), the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), and the European Society of Human Reproduction & Embryology (ESHERE), spans a lifetime. Her exceptional contributions merited her an honorary professorship from the Academic Union of Oxford in Oxford, London, UK.

In 2023, Dainik Jagran recognized Dr. Khanna as the IVF leader of the year, an accolade that underscores her unwavering commitment to innovation and aiding childless couples in achieving their aspirations. Gaudium has solidified its position as a symbol of excellence in IVF treatment.

Gaudium, translating to "Joy" in Latin, has inaugurated a fresh era of high-quality healthcare, serving as a highly effective IVF clinic in India and standing as the dependable sanctuary for individuals in pursuit of fertility solutions.

Gaudium IVF - One of the Best IVF Centre in Srinagar

Best IVF Centre in Srinagar

In Srinagar, when couples face infertility and consider Assisted Reproduction Technique, they naturally seek the finest IVF center. However, determining the best IVF Centre in the city can be challenging. While IVF clinics are regulated by the government, there is no official ranking or classification available.

Nonetheless, there are certain methods to help select the optimal best IVF Centre in Srinagar. Thorough research is essential when choosing a fertility clinic. To find the right assisted reproduction center, consult your family doctor and investigate factors such as the clinic's team, reputation, history, reviews, service quality, and infrastructure.

Fertility Clinic in Srinagar

Numerous couples encounter difficulties when seeking the best Fertility Clinic in Srinagar, given the specialized nature of this procedure. In the lively city of Srinagar, Gaudium IVF stands out as the premier fertility clinic, offering vital assistance to countless couples in their battle against infertility and the fulfillment of their parenthood dreams. With an enduring tradition of excellence, unwavering dedication, and empathetic support.

IVF Hospital in Srinagar

Gaudium IVF has risen to prominence as a leading IVF hospital in Srinagar, renowned for its exceptional infrastructure, including cutting-edge laboratories, and a highly proficient medical team. Our center boasts advanced technology and is staffed by seasoned infertility specialists who are dedicated to delivering top-tier care and treatment with empathy. At Gaudium IVF, our primary focus is on providing each patient with personalized treatment through our advanced technology and compassionate approach.

What distinguishes Gaudium IVF is our patient-centered approach. We recognize the emotional and psychological challenges that couples face during the IVF journey, which is why we offer not only medical expertise but also emotional support. We guide our patients with genuine passion and empathy.

Transparency and ethics form the foundation of our practice. Our doctors at Gaudium believe in clear and honest communication with patients regarding treatment options, costs, and potential outcomes. This unwavering commitment to integrity, transparency, and honesty has earned the trust of patients who have successfully achieved their parenthood dreams.

In summary, Gaudium IVF in Srinagar delivers exceptional fertility care and is synonymous with excellence in this specialized field. With a proficient team of doctors, state-of-the-art laboratories, and a patient-centered approach, Gaudium IVF has solidified its position as the leading IVF center and hospital in Srinagar.

IVF Treatment Cost in Srinagar

The pricing of IVF procedures in Srinagar is subject to variability, contingent upon the specific interventions required during the treatment journey. Preliminary consultation charges and the expenses linked to vital diagnostic and corrective tests serve as prerequisites before outlining the treatment strategy.

The IVF process unfolds across multiple stages, encompassing ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval, sperm retrieval, fertilization, and embryo transfer. These phases necessitate the involvement of specialized teams and state-of-the-art equipment, with patients typically bearing the financial burden. Additionally, the selection of the clinic plays a role in cost discrepancies, as some couples prefer larger hospitals, while others lean towards more intimate, personalized centers.

Selecting the ideal IVF center lacks strict criteria; it often comes down to personal preferences. Nevertheless, this choice does exert an influence on the cost of IVF treatment. The paramount consideration is the patient's comfort, assurance, and trust in their chosen facility.

At Gaudium IVF, we prioritize transparency when discussing costs with our patients. We take pride in offering top-tier treatment at the most competitive rates while delivering prompt and tailored support.

Best IVF Doctors in Srinagar at Gaudium IVF Srinagar

Gaudium IVF & Fertility Centre stands as one of the leading IVF facilities in Srinagar and across India, equipped with advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver optimal outcomes. Our roster exclusively comprises the finest IVF doctors in Srinagar.

Over the years, couples hailing from various corners of the city, country, and even abroad have benefited from our counsel, diverse techniques, and the unwavering support we extend at Gaudium IVF Centre in Srinagar. Our Srinagar center provides a convenient and comfortable environment for our patients.

Within our Srinagar center, you'll encounter seasoned specialists and expert doctors who accompany you throughout your journey. The path to pregnancy can be unpredictable, and Gaudium IVF Centre was conceived with the belief that couples deserve superior treatment and support. Throughout your treatment, specialist doctors and an on-call team of doctors ensure continuous follow-up, throughout the week.

From the inception of your parenthood aspirations to the birth of your child, we stand by your side. Our team of doctors boasts extensive experience, having performed thousands of IVF procedures with consistently impressive success rates. Gaudium IVF also specializes in assisting patients who have experienced multiple failed cycles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I opt for IVF?

Answer: The IVF procedure can be prescribed in cases where normal conception is not possible, and other fertility treatments have failed. The IVF procedure can be started on couple’s request if there are no contraindication in the case.

Is IVF available in Kashmir?

Answer: All IVF procedures are performed in Srinagar. At Gaudium IVF, We have always strived for excellence. Now the time has come to make this excellence accessible and affordable to all childless couples access India.

How long do I need to rest after the embryo transfer procedure?

Answer: Resting for 15-20 minutes after embryo transfer is sufficient.

Is the EMI option available for IVF Treatment?

Answer: Yes, Interest-Free EMI Option Available.

How much IVF Treatment cost in Srinagar?

Answer: The Cost of IVF Treatment depends on the patient's case (age, past history, cause of infertility) and protocols of the treatment but Gaudium IVF provides the free consultation and initial investigation.

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