Patient Testimonials

With heart full of joy Mrs. Helen and Mr. Clement Nwachukwn of Nigeria wish to say million thanks to Dr. Manika Khanna of Gaudium IVF Centre. She filled our hearts with joy; we came in contact with her on Nov 2014. By this Feb 2015 our story has changed for good. Our mouth is filled with testimonies.

The truth is that the journey we started since 17th September 1994.She put it to an end within space of four months, we conceived (with two and half months of pregnancy). We say big thanks to her and her team.

May the almighty God bless you and protect you. May he give you more light to do this work more years ahead. Long live Gaudium and the staffs.

Your Helen & Clement

“Gratitude” Can transform common days into thanks giving, turn routine joss into joy and change grading opportunities into “BLESSINGS”.

In my deepest, darkest moments, what really got me through was a prayer. sometimes my prayer was “HELP ME”, sometimes my prayer was “THANK YOU”.

What I’ve discovered is that internal connection and connection with my doctor (Mrs. Manika Khanna) will always get me through. I know with her support, her help my destination is just a prayer away.

Thank you so much for you supporting me from the day one, when I stepped into the “GAUDIUM”.

I would thank you from the bottom of my heart, but for you my heart has no bottom.

Thanks for always listening to me, supporting me and encouraging me. you’re a true supporter and I really want to tell you how much I appreciate you. You’re like BEST.

Last but not the least a special thanks to all “GAUDIUM” staff who supported me all the way


Dream of motherhood once again possible with help of Gaudium IVF. The journey from the beginning of guidance and clarity by Dr. Manika's team was great. During the ongoing process of conceiving the co-operation, helpful behavior, the cheering attitude of staff and nurses was appreciable. Dr. Neetu and other doctors in the team were very expressed about time to time activities after delivering the services of staff nurses day and night was co-operative. Pediatrician Dr. Peeyus Khanna and Dr. Kalyan's timely updates on child clearing nursing stay were well expressed too.

Thanks to the wonderful family GAUDIUM we are having our addition to the family. After 13 years of struggle, the magic they spill on every process and giving life to the parents was of the world.

Cheers to the Gaudium team!

Best wishes always
Leena Batra

The experience with Gaudium IVF Centre Delhi was amazing. In this pandemic time, when we are so worried about the health and was eating a gynecologist consult, we end up meeting a wonderful doctor, Dr. Shweta (gynecologist), she heard our concerns so patiently and guided us step by step on how to go about the health condition for my life. With her wonderful and amazing way of consulting, she explained to us, how to solve health concerns. Not only this, all the clinic staff, medical nurses, helping sisters, front office executives, security guards, help us in their best possible way.

The Ambiance of this Centre is safe, secure and even in this pandemic time, we felt safe during all the procedures.

Once again thank you "GAUDIUM IVF" and thanks to each one of you for serving us in the best ways.

Rajeev Tandon