IVF Cost in DelhiYou must be aware that IVF is one of the expensive fertility treatment options. But the actual cost of IVF completely depends on your fertility issue and the treatment methods that you need to undergo. While some may conceive a child in a single IVF treatment, others may require to undergo the IVF cycle multiple numbers of times. So, the IVF cost largely varies according to the infertility condition.

The normal IVF price in India lies between the range of 1 lakh to 1.25 lakh per cycle of IVF. It is commonly inclusive of all the diagnostic as well as the surgical procedures, tests, and other treatments. But with the development of medical science, modern diagnostic tests and treatment methods are being used that lead to the rise in the price of IVF across the globe. So, you may not find an exact upper limit to the cost of IVF. Depending on the technology and treatment options you choose, that cost will vary. To have an average estimation of the cost, you can visit the IVF centers and collect information about the IVF Treatment cost.

Factors Included in the Cost of IVF

IVF is not just a single treatment but involves a series of procedures in each stage of the complete process. The costs of different procedures sum up and form the total costs. The different factors included in the total cost are:

  1. Lab Tests

You may not be surprised to find out that many lab tests are involved in the IVF process. The cost of all the lab tests is included in the base fee of the IVF treatment.

  1. Medication

You will be provided with certain medications before and after the fertility treatment process. Be it the oral medication or the injectable drugs; the cost is highly dependent on the pharmacy that provides you the medicines.

  1. Ultrasounds

Ultrasounds are also a part of the treatment. The ultrasound scans help in determining the important factors of fertility.

  1. Embryo Culture, Transfer and Storage

Starting from the culture of the embryo in the lab until the storage and transfer, everything is included in the total cost of IVF.

Additional Costs

The IVF treatment price may, however, increase if you require additional fertility treatments along with IVF. Embryo freezing, artificial insemination, ICSI treatment, and more can incur you additional cost apart from the base fee of IVF. Consulting an IVF Centre in Delhi can help in solving all your IVF cost related queries and providing you the approximate estimates.

The cost of IVF treatment is actually proportional to the type of treatment technique used as well as the number of cycles that the patient has to undergo in order to successfully become pregnant. But make sure not to be lured away by the IVF centers that offer a very low price for the treatment. Choosing a random center may save you money but can add up your costs in the long run. Ensure choosing a reputed IVF center to enhance your chances of pregnancy success.