what is difference between ICSI and IVFWith the advancement in medical science, infertility is no longer a problem. When you decide to have fertility treatment, you can find different treatment options. Choosing between the various treatment options is not an easy decision. Considering the different aspects of the different treatments can help in selecting the right treatment option.

You can easily find an ICSI center in Delhi or the best IVF center in Delhi. But before you take the big decision of choosing between the ICSI and IVF treatment, doing some deep research is important. To start understanding the difference, you need to know what both the treatment are.


Both Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) and In Vitro Fertilization are the most common types of fertility treatments. ICSI and IVF help treat your fertility issues and provide you an opportunity to experience parenthood.

In Vitro, Fertilization is an assisted reproduction treatment that helps in treating the fertility problems and structural obstacles that comes in the way of pregnancy. On the other hand, Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection is a more targeted method than IVF that helps in treating men with fertility problems.

The Difference

While IVF was developed earlier in the 1980s to help couples with infertility problems experience parenthood, ICSI is a recent development of the 1990s. As IVF was found not to be effective for treating male infertility with poor sperm, ICSI was developed to treat the male factor infertility.

You can find the key difference between the two fertility treatment options of ICSI and IVF in the method of fertilization. The method in which the sperm fertilizes the egg creates a big difference between ICSI and IVF. In the case of IVF, thousands of sperm are added to a single egg with the hope that one of the sperm will successfully fertilize the egg. The sperm and egg are stored in a petri dish and allowed to fertilize on their own. But in the case of ICSI, with the help of a microscope and technically advanced equipment, the embryologist selects only one healthy sperm. Then the healthy sperm cell is directly injected into the egg and is allowed to fertilize.

The second difference is the suitability of the fertility treatment. If you visit an ICSI clinic in Delhi, the doctor may suggest ICSI for sperm-related infertility. In case the male partner has a low sperm count or abnormal sperm shape, ICSI is usually suggested for successful treatment. But if you are having other fertility issues that are related to age or other conditions, you can undergo IVF treatment successfully at the top IVF centre in India.

Both treatments are expensive. When it comes to cost per started cycle, the ICSI cost is more as compared to the IVF treatment. But in the case of ongoing pregnancy, the IVF cost is higher than the ICSI treatment.

Considering your situation and the pros and cons of each of the treatment options, you can select the appropriate fertility treatment. The fertility treatments can bless you with a child that you have been longing for for since long.