all-about-iui-treatmentIntrauterine Insemination (IUI) is a type of fertility treatment. You may be familiar with the term artificial insemination. IUI is the most common technique of artificial insemination. IUI is the fertility treatment in which the sperm is directly put inside the uterus of a woman to enable fertilization.

The ultimate goal of IUI is to enhance the chances of fertilization by enabling more sperm to reach the fallopian tubes. If you are having fertility problems and are in search of an option that will cost less than IVF, then IUI Treatment is the best option for you. Being a less invasive process, the IUI process cost will be much less.

The Indications

You might be wondering when is IUI most recommended. In cases of slow sperm mobility or low sperm count, the IUI process is most recommended. But apart from these, there are also other conditions, where IUI may be recommended. The other situations include:

  1. Male infertility.
  2. Unexplained infertility.
  3. Hostile cervical conditions.
  4. Ejaculation dysfunction.

It is also important for you to know that IUI is not recommendable in certain situations. In the case of blocked fallopian tubes, pelvic infection, and severe endometriosis, Intrauterine Insemination is not advisable.

How IUI works?

The process of IUI is very simple and carries less risk, but it is quite obvious for you to be a bit nervous before a fertility treatment. Before undergoing the IUI treatment, you will be given some medications to stimulate the ovulation process. Then semen is collected, and using a process called “sperm washing,” healthy sperms are collected from the semen of your partner. The collected sperm is directly placed in the uterus of the intended mother. The fertilization of the eggs by the sperm will lead to a successful pregnancy.

Being a low-tech and relatively simple procedure, it is less expensive for you as compared to other types of fertility treatment. The simple and inexpensive process can help in enhancing the chances of your pregnancy.

The Success Rate

The IUI success rate is dependent on various factors. If you undergo the procedure every month, the chances of success may increase. Even though the success rate of IUI is less than that of IVF, you may consult a doctor and take the IUI Success Tips and ultimately increases the chances of success.

The Risks

The IUI process does not carry many risks, except for the risk of small infections. But while taking the medications for IUI, if you experience dizziness, shortness of breath, nausea, and vomiting, or sudden weight gain, you must contact your doctor immediately.

The Cost of IUI

Depending upon your specific needs and your location of treatment, the IUI cost varies. Contacting the IUI centers can provide you an estimation of the approximate total cost for your IUI treatment.

IUI is yet another fertility treatment that is bringing a ray of hope to complete the families and spreads joy across the globe. Visiting an IUI Process Centre can provide you with all the support you need.