What-Difference-is-seen-by-IVF-clinics-in-DelhiThe egg is undisputedly one of the most vital links in the reproductive chain. Conception, natural or assisted, takes place only when it is fertilized by the male sperm. Therefore, the quantity and quality of eggs are crucial for a successful pregnancy that gives a healthy outcome. These are the primary factors taken into consideration by IVF clinic in Delhi when giving treatment for female infertility. Now it is important to understand the difference between quantity and quality and how each of these influences the ability of a woman to conceive. This is how IVF doctors in Delhi differentiate these two.

Understanding Ovarian Reserve:

Ovarian reserve refers to the quantity of eggs that a woman has available in her ovaries. One has to know all about the female reproductive system to understand the concept of ovarian reserve. A female is born with millions of eggs, which are immature to begin with. Housed inside microscopic follicles, these eggs are dormant till she reaches puberty. Once puberty sets on, a certain number eggs start maturing during her monthly menstrual cycle. There are some follicles which are actually meant to grow to a stage that they make eggs available for reproduction. Such follicles are known as antral follicles.

 A woman without a reasonably good pool of antral follicles is at high risk of experiencing female infertility issues. Seeing best IVF doctors in Delhi is the best option for them. The specialists correlate the number of antral follicles with ovarian reserve of the woman. The more is the number available, the better are the chances of conception per cycle. However, women with low reserves are still able to conceive because after all, only a single, healthy egg can facilitate pregnancy. On the other hand, women opting for assisted techniques from IVF clinics in Delhi are better off with a good ovarian reserve. The chances of success go up considerably with a higher reserve.

Ovarian reserve is associated with age as the woman loses her eggs with every passing menstrual cycle. However, younger women may also have a poor ovarian reserve due to some reasons. IVF doctors in Delhi recommend tests such as Antral Follicle Count (AFC), Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) Test and Anti Mullerian Hormone Test for determining the ovarian reserve. The latter is regarded as the most reliable diagnostic test for the condition.

Understanding Egg Quality 

In addition to ovarian reserve, egg quality is another key parameter that determines the fertility status of a woman. It is the egg’s ability to grow into a healthy embryo and yield a normal pregnancy. The problems related to poor egg quality are many as such eggs have chromosomal defects. There is a possibility of acute female infertility issues as the woman may not be able to conceive at all. Even if she does, she is at high risk of spontaneous miscarriage. Still worse, she may deliver an abnormal baby if the pregnancy goes till the end.

According to IVF clinics in Delhi, the scariest thing about poor egg quality is that there is no definitive test for this condition. IVF doctors in Delhi generally assess the egg quality on the basis of maternal age; the older the woman is, the higher are her chances of having low quality eggs. The chances of natural conception with such eggs are negligible and the woman is probably declared as a patient of unexplained infertility. Things become rather clear if the patient takes up treatment from IVF clinics in Delhi. The reason is that the eggs available after retrieval can be microscopically examined. Those with poor quality either do not reach maturity or have abnormal parameters such as zona and cytoplasm.

Ovarian Reserve and Egg Quality: How IVF clinics in Delhi explain the difference

Now that the ovarian reserve and egg quality have been thoroughly explained, it is easy to differentiate between the two. While ovarian reserve is the egg count, egg quality is its viability to grow into a healthy embryo. It is possible to conceive naturally or with IVF treatment with low ovarian reserve but conception with poor quality eggs is practically impossible. Even advanced reproductive treatments such as IVF and ICSI are unlikely to help as the chances of conception are considerably low with sub-standard eggs.

However, there is no need to lose hope. Women with poor quality eggs are suggested the option of donor eggs IVF cycle by best IVF doctor in Delhi. This procedure involves the fertilization of healthy eggs from a donor with the help of IVF technique. The embryo so formed is transferred into the intended mother’s uterus for pregnancy to take place. Women with poor quality eggs should not waste time and directly proceed with donor egg IVF instead of trying to conceive with their own eggs.

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