Eating Right for Boosting Fertility What infertility specialists in Delhi SayFertility is influenced by a variety of factors, such as age, medical conditions, overall reproductive health, and genetics. In addition to these major factors, something as simple as dietary habits can have a far-reaching impact on fertility. Surprising as it may sound, the concept of a fertility diet is a big reality. There are foods that can actually boost fertility and help counter male and female infertility issues. The power of these foods has been scientifically proved and advocated by infertility specialists in Delhi around the world. Couples can start making the right food choices and improve their chances as a part of their pre-conception strategy. A pre-conception visit to one of the infertility centres in Delhi is a good idea to know all about the fertility-boosting diet.

How Eating Right Boosts Fertility?

Eating a diet that contains the right nutrients is essential for good health. It is all the more vital for couples, both partners, planning to conceive. All bodily functions, including reproductive activity, are governed by the food we eat. It supports reproductive functions by enabling the synthesis of hormones. Additionally, the antioxidants found in certain food sources prevent free radical damage to the egg and the sperm. Therefore, according to infertility specialists in Delhi, it is important to eat the right kind of food to prevent infertility.

A fertility diet can be defined as a diet that contains all the nutrients that support reproductive functions. These are the nutrients that regulate hormones as well as promote the health of the egg and the sperm. Also, such a diet makes the reproductive organs strong enough to support a healthy pregnancy. Eating a fertility diet during pre-conception also ensures that the fetus gets conditions conducive to healthy development. Infertility centers in Delhi support the concept of a fertility diet, for not only boosting fertility but also ensuring a healthy pregnancy.

Additionally, a fertility diet maintains the levels of minerals, vitamins, healthy fats, and antioxidants for optimal health. Couples trying to conceive can also maintain the right weight, another significant parameter of fertility. At the same time, the right diet enables the body to build up nutrient stores to be availed during pregnancy. The chances of miscarriage are reduced too as fertility nutrients improve the egg and sperm quality. Overall, eating the right diet is a natural and inexpensive way to counter male and female infertility. It also supplements the efforts of those going for fertility treatments at infertility centers in Delhi.

Knowing All About Fertility Boosting Diet

A lot has been said about the role of eating the right kind of food to improve the chances of conception naturally or with IVF treatment. Now, a couple has to identify the elements of such a diet. Here are some tips from leading dieticians and infertility specialists in Delhi:

Eat Only Healthy Carbs

Carbohydrates are an extremely important element of a balanced diet. However, it is important to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy ones. Complex ones like whole grains, vegetables, and fruits are excellent for pre-conception consumption. On the other hand, processed ones should be ditched as they get converted into sugar and elevate the blood sugar levels. High sugar levels have a dire impact on the ovulation process and hamper conception. Therefore, infertility centers in Delhi are strictly against high-sugar foods.

Choose Lean Protein

Like healthy carbs, lean protein is essential for those planning a pregnancy. Lean cuts of meat, tofu, beans, and nuts offer a hefty supply of this healthiest variety of proteins. These foods are also high in iron, a mineral that supports reproductive health. Women who eat a diet high in lean protein and iron have favorable chances of conception as compared to ones who do not take such a diet.

Ditch Unhealthy Fats

Though fats are much-needed during the pre-conception period, they should be consumed in moderation. Infertility centers in Delhi recommend ditching unhealthy varieties as they cause weight gain, which lowers the probability of success. Additionally, consuming such fats interferes with ovulation by increasing insulin levels. Healthy fats such as omega 3 fatty acids are to be consumed.

Prefer Whole Milk

Dairy products are another must-have for those trying to get pregnant as they are high in calcium. This mineral not only supports strong bones but also boosts reproductive health. Whole milk is a better option as compared to the skim variant. Women who are lactose-intolerant have special advice from infertility specialists in Delhi. They can opt for non-dairy calcium substitutes such as tofu, leafy greens, and fortified juices.

Supplement with the Right Vitamins

Eating right is important for supporting the conception efforts but it may not be enough. A woman may need to supplement her diet with the right vitamins to improve her chances. The infertility specialists in Delhi would recommend multivitamins keeping in mind individual requirements. Folic acid is a prenatal vitamin that is universally applicable to every woman who is pregnant or planning conception. This vital nutrient reduces the risk of a fatal birth defect called spina bifida.

The role of a fertility diet is extremely important for a couple preparing for pregnancy. Here, it is important to consider that eating right is as crucial for the male as it is for the female. After all, the chances of a healthy pregnancy depend upon the quality of both the sperm and the egg, as well as the overall health of the couple. Consulting an expert specialist at one of the infertility centers in Delhi is the best way. The specialist would recommend the right diet as a part of the protocol for couples opting for IVF treatment.

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