Is-IVF-PainfulAt the same time, there are always some questions and doubts that encounter patients planning to take up IVF treatment in Delhi. One of these is related to the pain involved in this procedure. The answer is subjective because every patient’s experience is a different one. Yet, being a medical procedure, IVF does involve a certain degree of pain and discomfort.

A woman has to understand the procedure fully before getting the answer to this question. For this purpose, the entire procedure has to be studied step by step. Each step has to be closely watched to know what exactly happens and whether it can be painful or not. Here is all about the steps that are a part of a typical cycle offered by an IVF clinic in Delhi.

Ovulation Induction

Ovulation induction is the process of stimulating the ovaries to produce multiple healthy oocytes. This is done by administration of hormonal medication, usually in the injectable form. The pain caused by injection is not much as the needles used are small and thin. It is the first timer’s anxiety that may actually aggravate the pain. The woman may experience abdominal bloating and discomfort as a side effect of hormone therapy. This happens because the ovaries swell up in reaction to fertility drugs. The discomfort continues till the eggs are retrieved. Patients should consult the IVF clinic in Delhi if the pain is persistent and unbearable as it could indicate ovarian hyperstimulation.

Egg Retrieval

The next stage of IVF treatment in Delhi is egg retrieval, the process of retrieving the mature eggs from the ovaries. This is a minimally invasive process carried out under ultrasound guidance. A long, thin needle is guided through the vaginal walls to reach the ovaries to get the eggs out. This procedure sounds like a painful one but it is done under anesthesia at almost all the IVF clinics in Delhi. Egg retrieval is followed by abdominal cramping which can be treated with pain killers.

Fertilization/Embryo Culture

Following the egg retrieval, the oocytes are combined with the male sperms in a lab dish for fertilization to take place. The fertilized embryos are cultured for 3 or 5 days, depending on the protocol followed by the IVF clinics in Delhi. This phase of the cycle has nothing to do with the patient. So the chance of any physical pain is zero, though there may be a lot of emotional stress involved.

Embryo Transfer

Once the oocytes reach the cleavage stage (day 3) or blastocyst stage (day 5), these are evaluated for a quality check. The healthiest of them are chosen to be transferred into the female uterus for implantation to take place. The number of embryos to be transferred is decided by the specialist on the basis of individual circumstances. The embryos are put in a thin catheter which is made to reach the uterus under ultrasound guidance and then dropped in there. The transfer itself is a relatively painless procedure though it usually involves discomfort. For this reason, most IVF clinics in Delhi perform it under mild sedation to manage the pain and cramping that follows embryo transfer.

Progesterone Therapy                                                                                    

Embryo transfer marks the end of the IVF treatment in Delhi. The results are now awaited for the 2 week wait period that decides the fate of the cycle. However, the patient has to go through another phase. This is the progesterone therapy, the administration of progesterone hormone to maximize the chances of embryo implantation. It may be given in the injectable form, which is quite painful. The reason is that it is an oil-based injection that requires needles of the larger bore. However, the patients who cannot bear the pain can opt for progesterone in the form of suppositories or vaginal gels.

IVF pain is a subjective matter that really depends on the threshold of every individual patient. Some women may find it excruciating while others may take it in a stride. Dealing with the pain could be eased if the woman keeps a positive attitude, thinking about the rewards it could bring for her. Moreover, IVF is an emotional journey during which a couple hangs between hope and despair. Emotional trauma and financial pressure are as big aspects of the procedure as the physical pain is. Therefore, a couple should always choose such a clinic for treatment where they can get counseling support to deal with these matters. The IVF clinics in Delhi should be always ready to answer the patient’s questions and clarify their doubts so that the patients feel at ease.

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