Boosting Fertility

The real value of fertility is known to the couples struggling yet failing for years to experience the joy of parenting. When facing hurdles in conception, the emotions reach at its peak making you anxious and the life seems to be halted leaving you confused about what to do now. So we asked Dr. Manika Khanna of Gaudium IVF, the best IVF centre in Delhi to reveal the top do’s and don’ts of fertility to clear all your doubts and help you reach your ultimate goal of parenthood.


Stay in shape

Maintaining a healthy body weight is utterly important to ensure easy and smooth conception since infertility issues occur in people who are either underweight or overweight. Eating a healthy and nutritious diet with lots of fruits and vegetables and restricting the amount of sugar intake along with a regular exercise routine must be followed for staying in shape.

Stay calm and stress free

Busting stress via yoga, meditation and other therapies is the best way to boost fertility. Stress hampers the fertility by degrading sperm quality in men and ovulation in women. Talking to your close ones, going on vacations, taking out time for yourself are a few ways to be stress free and calm.

Include necessary Vitamins

Including vitamin supplements becomes necessary in order to boost one’s fertility. Your doctor may prescribe some supplements according to your requirements like zinc supplements for men to boost sperm production and testosterone levels and Folic acid supplements for women to ensure a smooth pregnancy without any birth defects.


No Smoking

Smoking in any form direct or passive is injurious to one’s fertility. Quitting is the best option for both men and women since it is the main reason behind DNA fragmentation in sperms and premature labour, low birth weight and miscarriage in women.

Restrict Alcohol and caffeine

Caffeine and alcohol are known to have hazardous effects on fertility. In men, caffeine lowers the fertility by degrading the sperm quality and in women it is the major reason behind miscarriages. On the other hand, alcohol hampers the fertility by increasing the probability of birth defects.

Painkillers or Fertility Killers?

Women who are trying to get pregnant should always consult their doctor before taking any painkiller or over-the-counter medicines. These medicines are known to hamper ovulation by suppressing the hormones which help the fallopian tubes to release the eggs.

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