Sex-for-Conception-Gaudium-IVF-CentreInfertility is a complex issue as it makes a couple come across physical, financial, and emotional complications. Whether the problem is with the man, the woman, or both, infertility is likely to take a toll on their relationship. Continuous diagnostic tests, clinic visits, regular medicines, and uncomfortable procedures are reasons enough to make them feel drained. There is also the stress and fear of failure. Additionally, their sexual life may be seriously influenced too, as sex becomes a mechanical rather than a spontaneous act of love.

A couple can preserve their sexual intimacy and relationship by changing their perspective. They need to view the entire situation in a different light to overcome the challenges of infertility treatment. Also, it is important to understand that better sex improves their chances of conceiving naturally. They may not require any treatment in the end. These baby-making rules apply not only to those who are struggling to conceive but to the ones who are trying to have a baby as well.

Sex for Conception: All You Need To Know

Reproductive sex is no different from conventional sex; the difference is all in the mind, particularly if the couple is having a tough time conceiving. Scheduled sex deprives the couple of the intimacy and spontaneity that is so essential for a healthy relationship. Whether a couple is trying to conceive naturally or undergoing infertility treatment, they can improve their chances by tweaking their sexual behavior. Here are a few tips to try:

Have timed sex but good sex

Yes, timing is the key but this does not mean that sex has to be like clockwork. A couple should not take it as a task as it may make them feel unsatisfied or experience sexual anxiety. Instead, they should try out new ideas that bring pleasure and intimacy, besides helping them in the baby-making process. Good communication and mutual understanding go a long way in achieving this.

Be aware of the fertility window

When it comes to sex for conception, having too much or too little of it can result in problems. Having sex too infrequently leads to lost chances. Conversely, having it too often can deplete the sperm and reduce the chances of success. The chances of conception can be maximized by trying during the fertile window. Fertile window begins a few days before ovulation, which normally comes around the 14th day of the menstrual cycle. However, the cycle may vary from person to person. An ovulation predictor kit should be used for accurate calculation of the fertility window. Also, sexual intercourse should be timed a day or two before ovulation. The sperm lives for 3-5 days and has a better chance of fertilizing the egg, which lives for 24 hours during the fertility window.

Position hardly makes a difference

The general belief is that the missionary position is the best position for conception sex. But the fact is that the position makes no difference. The sperm is naturally equipped to swim through the cervical mucus and reach the fallopian tube to fertilize the egg. It will take only a few seconds to do so, irrespective of the position. The woman can, however, lie straight for a few minutes with her hips propped up on a pillow if she wants.

It is not always the woman’s “fault”

Though a woman is usually held responsible for the inability to conceive, it is not always her fault. Men usually confuse sexual performance with virility, though they might be responsible for the problem. The incidence of male factor infertility is almost as high as that of female infertility. It is necessary to address the issue properly and find the exact cause of infertility.

Know when to see an infertility specialist

It is important to know when to see an infertility specialist if natural attempts for conception do not yield results. For women under 30, a period of one year is considered an optimal waiting time. On the other hand, a six-month wait is enough if she is over 30 years of age. It is advisable to have the infertility issues resolved in time before the biological clock reaches its end.

It’s in the mind too

Sex for conception is not only about physical performance but mental status too. Couples might not enjoy sex due to anxiety or they might even lose their libido. They should concentrate on the pleasure of sex rather than feeling its pressure, as stress is a major hindrance to fertility. Those struggling for getting pregnant need to relax to improve the chances of conception. Professional counseling can be availed to counter stress-related problems.

Focus on general health and lifestyle

The focus should not only be on the sexual health but on the general health and lifestyle of the couple too. Those suffering from problems such as thyroid dysfunction, diabetes, and hypertension should seek medical help. Following a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and physical exercise is essential too. Abstinence from smoking and alcohol is necessary for couples planning conception.

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