Managing a Precious Pregnancy by Dr Manika Khanna

The miracle of every pregnancy is unique, yet some hold an extraordinary significance. These precious pregnancies often arrive after prolonged waits or after facing the challenges of medical treatments like IVF. They might also encompass high-risk factors, increasing their value. However, their journey tends to be fill with complexities and a sense of stress.

These pregnancies demand a higher degree of medical intervention compared to typical pregnancies. The emotional burden carried by couples arises from the persistent fear of potential complications, although many times these fears may be baseless. Nevertheless, an extra precaution does no harm, adding an extra layer of care and vigilance.

Understanding the importance of these precious pregnancies involves acknowledging their vulnerability and this necessitates extra medical attention. Despite the added stress, the hope and anticipation they bring are immeasurable.

Precious Pregnancy: The Risk Factors

A precious pregnancy stands distinct from a typical one due to the extra risk involved, often born after a prolonged struggle and expensive treatments. Consequently, it demands careful consideration of various risks:

Advanced Maternal Age

Pregnancy beyond 40 years elevates risks significantly, increasing the chances of miscarriage and genetic abnormalities in the baby, rendering such pregnancies precious and delicate.

Gestational Complications

Conditions like diabetes and hypertension emerging solely during pregnancy heighten risk levels. Despite the woman’s overall good health, these complications make the pregnancy delicate.

Fetal Complications

Beyond maternal health concerns, fetal complications also contribute to the higher risk, including premature labor, multiple pregnancies, inadequate fetal growth, and issues like placenta previa.

General Health Complications

Underlying health issues such as heart or kidney disease, sexually transmitted infections, or genetic disorders further categorize a pregnancy as precious due to their potential complications.

Navigating these challenges requires expert guidance from the best infertility specialists in Delhi. These professionals offer crucial support, recommending diagnostic tests and precautionary measures tailored to individual needs in such precious pregnancies, providing the necessary care and guidance throughout this critical journey.

Precautions During Precious Pregnancies

Infertility clinics in Delhi prioritize specific precautions similar to those for a normal pregnancy, with additional diagnostic measures, to protect precious pregnancies. Emphasizing a balanced diet enriched with pregnancy supplements becomes important to ensure the well-being of both mother and baby. Incorporating fresh, organic fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and dairy products into daily meals is advised, while avoiding fish with high mercury levels.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle stands as an essential directive. Stress reduction, proper sleep and rest, and moderate exercise under medical guidance are recommended. Complete abstinence from smoking, alcohol, and caffeine is strongly advocated throughout the pregnancy, irrespective of its nature. Moreover, the best IVF Centre in Delhi stress the significance of consulting a doctor before taking any medication.

While vaginal delivery remains a possibility for precious pregnancies, Cesarean deliveries are often considered as a safer alternative. Advanced maternal age, multiple pregnancies, fetal complications, and gestational issues emphasized the suggestion of C-sections. However, the mode of delivery is determined based on individual circumstances, with specialists weighing all factors to prioritize the well-being of both mother and baby.
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