Lack of proper awareness about IVF continues to be a big hurdle. What are the common misconceptions about it?

We have to recognize that this is a medical condition and not a sin committed by the wife or the husband Thanks to advanced medical technology, most of these cases are now treatable and the couple can have healthy babies. Acknowledging the problem and seeking a solution is your fastest route to fulfilling your parenthood dreams. Contrary to some notions, IVF treatment is not painful & it does not require a lot of bed rest.

Unfortunately, the woman has to face a lot of social stigma in case of infertility of the couple!

Actually, in 40% of cases, infertility is because of the male partner. In another 40% of cases, it is because of the female partner. While in the remaining 20% of the cases, it can be attributed to both partners. So it differs from case to case. And in each case, the female cannot be termed solely responsible for the couple’s infertility.

We’re determined to make parenthood dreams come true, says Dr. Manika Khanna

Combine advanced reproductive technology with top-class clinical expertise to offer customised Reality solutions “Each patient is treated with utmost compassion and respect and receives personalised attention from a team of experts,” says Dr. Manika Khanna, Founder, CEO & Chairperson of Gaudium IVF, adding, “We treat your dream as our own and work tirelessly to help you have a healthy baby. We are determined to offer IVF to infertile people at an affordable cost.” According to the doctor, the super-specialty Gaudium IVF clinics are equipped with a team of fertility experts, embryologists, world-class labs, multidisciplinary care, and cutting-edge practices patients from more than 30 countries have benefitted from Gaudium’s expertise, Gaudium also launched the Gaudium Foundation, a charitable institution to spread health awareness and ensure easy access to essential medical facilities to the underprivileged children and women living in slums, minority communities and other remote areas.

Gaudium Woman Hospital is an institution that follows a holistic approach towards women’s health.

What’s the secret of Gaudium Success?

We have worked hard to build the right team with the right spirit, who mobilised all the planned activities. Our objective is to bring happiness to the lives of our clients by realising their dreams of parenthood. Using top-end & state of the art technology.