Biological clock…..the two words that sound desperation and fear for women!! These words are particularly crucial for those who plan to postpone pregnancy to a later age. When a woman steps into mid-thirties and is yet to start a family, she needs to realize that she is running short of time. As her biological clock ticks, she moves nearer to the end of her reproductive lifespan. Her reproductive capacity declines with every passing month. The chances of conception become negligible as she moves into her forties.

Now the big question is whether it is possible to slow down the biological clock. Has technology made it possible to preserve the reproductive capacity of women despite their age? Can a woman safely postpone motherhood to her forties without the fear of being childless? Most IVF clinics in Delhi would have ample guidance in this regards for patients who want to delay pregnancy. Let’s have an insight into these questions and try answering them.

Maternal Age and Biological Clock

Primarily, it is important to understand how the biological clock is related with a woman’s age. A woman’s reproductive capacity depends directly upon the quality and number of eggs she produces. When she is in her twenties, her ovaries release eggs that are abundant in both the parameters. This is the time when her biological clock is at its prime and conception is easy, unless there are some other infertility issues.

There is no absolute when it comes to the optimal age for having a baby. Still, a woman should plan early (preferably in her twenties) to be on the safe side. Gradually, as she moves into her mid-thirties, her fertility potential starts ebbing. As the quantity and quality of the eggs she produces comes down, the chances of conception dwindle. At the same time, the risks of miscarriage and chromosomal abnormalities go up, making pregnancy a challenge.

What is really crucial is to have a backup plan, particularly for women wanting to plan a family later. The plan encompasses preserving her fertility by slowing down the biological clock. This is one issue which women usually approach IVF clinics in Delhi for; as more and more women want to delay parenthood due to education and career reasons these days.

It is also important for women who are at risk of early menopause and want that they should make some kind of provision for the future. Similarly, those suffering from diseases like cancer may lose their fertility during chemotherapy and radiation treatment. They may too want a backup plan for fertility preservation. Slowing down the biological clock is the best option they have.

Slowing down the biological clock- Is it possible?

While it is impossible to stop the biological clock, there is still a solution to make conception possible for older women. Those looking to postpone pregnancy can safeguard their fertility for the future. The advanced technique of egg freezing (cryopreservation) comes as the solution for slowing down the biological clock. Once the eggs are retrieved for cryopreservation, their quality is preserved for the future.

A 29-year old woman who has her eggs frozen can have “younger” eggs even if she plans conception 10 years later.  Consequently, her chances of having a healthy baby at an advanced maternal age are good enough. In other words, her fertility potential remains the same despite growing older, implying that her biological clock has been slowed down. Timing is crucial for those looking for egg freezing as a means of slowing down the biological clock. It has to be done before reaching mid-thirties so that the quality of eggs preserved is still optimal.

Egg freezing goes a long way in easing the concern about problems related to maternal ageing. A woman who avails this technique can be at peace that she can probably plan motherhood whenever she wants to. All she has to make sure is that she should choose the right infertility clinic in Delhi for cryopreservation. Moreover, the process of IVF with thawed eggs also needs to be carried out by skilled specialists. With current technology, the outcomes of reproductive treatment with frozen eggs have been as good as those with fresh ones.

Egg freezing is a wise investment for the women who want to insure their fertility for the future. If you are one of those women who want to slow down their biological clock, it is important to discuss the issue with the specialist. Most infertility clinics in Delhi offer egg freezing services which enable women plan motherhood when they are ready.

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