1 02, 2017

Alcohol during pregnancy- What IVF Clinics in Delhi have to say?

Pregnancy is a delicate phase in a woman’s life, when she needs to be extra careful about her health. Whether pregnancy is natural or assisted, it is better to take precautions to stay safe and healthy. Amongst the many precautions she has to take is abstinence from alcohol. The effect of alcohol on the growing

30 01, 2017

Poor Egg Quality and Female Infertility

It is a universally known fact that the egg is the basis of reproduction, the building block of life. It would not be wrong to say that the quality of a woman’s eggs determines her ability to conceive. In fact, poor quality of eggs makes one of the most prevalent reasons for female infertility. At

27 01, 2017

Ovulation Tracking: Is it a waste of time?

When a couple comes across infertility issues, they would leave no stone unturned to maximize the chances of pregnancy, whether they try for natural or assisted reproduction. One of the simplest tricks is to time it right- taking a chance at conception when the woman is going through her “fertile window”. Gynecologists recommend ovulation tracking

23 01, 2017

Vitamin D and Reproductive Health

Male and female infertility can be attributed to a variety of causes; while there could be some structural deformities of the reproductive organs that could be causing infertility, the reason could be something as simple as deficiency of certain nutrients. It is essential to know about all the nutrients which can have a direct influence

20 01, 2017

Managing Morning Sickness

Pregnancy is a different experience for every woman; while some women cruise through the nine months, others come across miserable signs and symptoms. One of the most common yet troublesome aspects of pregnancy is morning sickness, which refers to the bouts of nausea and vomiting that a pregnant woman usually experiences during the first trimester.