9 06, 2017

Bed rest during pregnancy: What do infertility clinics in Delhi advice?

Pregnancy is a delicate phase when a woman needs to take some extra precautions to sustain the baby growing within her. IVF clinic in Delhi prescribes bed rest for a majority of women at some time or the other during the gestation period. Being confined to the bed may seem like a small price to

7 06, 2017

Azoospermia- What are my options

Infertility is not necessarily a female condition; the presence of male factor infertility is the cause in almost an equal number of cases. The causes may be varied, although most of them are related to the sperm count ad quality. Azoospermia is one of the male infertility conditions that is related to sperm count. It

5 06, 2017

Sperm DNA Fragmentation and Male Infertility

Sperm is the main parameter that determines male fertility. Sperm count, motility and morphology are the factors taken into consideration while evaluating sperm health. One of the lesser-known factors is sperm DNA, though this does not make it less significant. A couple struggling with male factor infertility is first evaluated for the regular sperm parameters.

2 06, 2017

Impact of Hormonal Imbalance on Female Fertility

A woman’s ability to conceive is influenced by a number of factors such as her age, quality of eggs, and reproductive health, to name just a few. In addition to these, hormonal balance is a parameter that has a direct bearing on female fertility. A number of reproductive hormones are synthesized in a woman’s body.

31 05, 2017

Sex for Conception

Infertility is a complex issue as it makes a couple come across physical, financial, and emotional complications. Whether the problem is with the man, the woman, or both, infertility is likely to take toll on their relationship. Continuous diagnostic tests, clinic visits, regular medicines, and uncomfortable procedures are reasons enough to have them feel drained.