15 02, 2017

How IVF treatment influences your sex drive

IVF is a revolutionary assisted reproductive technique which has helped thousands of childless couples start a family. Looking beyond the complexities of this scientific procedure, there is a lot behind the curtains. Couples undergoing IVF treatment not only have to bear the physical challenges but psychological and emotional ones too. A far as their sexual

13 02, 2017

Essential screening tests for diagnosing female infertility

Inability of a couple to conceive despite regular, unprotected sex for a period of more than one year makes them infertile and they need to look for timely diagnosis and treatment for the problem. The reasons could be varied, involving male or female infertility, and even combined infertility in some cases. Comprehensive physical examination and

10 02, 2017

Early Menopause: Does it run into families?

When a woman comes across infertility, she needs to look for the exact reason to get the right treatment. Early menopause is diagnosed as a cause of female infertility in numerous cases. As the name suggests, early menopause is characterised by a woman losing her ovarian function at an early age. The average age for

8 02, 2017

Dealing with Multiple Pregnancies

Pregnancy is a reason to rejoice but not when a woman comes across grave complications. One of these is multiple pregnancies, which can be something to worry about. As the name suggests, multiple pregnancies are characterised by two or more babies being carried by a woman. The babies may be formed from the same egg,

6 02, 2017

Can your biological clock be slowed down?

Biological clock…..the two words that sound desperation and fear for women!! These words are particularly crucial for those who plan to postpone pregnancy to a later age. When a woman steps into mid-thirties and is yet to start a family, she needs to realize that she is running short of time. As her biological clock