11 01, 2017

All about Sexual Dysfunction

Sex is not only essential for procreation but also plays a key role in nurturing a healthy relationship. When one or both of the partners suffer from sexual dysfunction, the results may be as grave as male/female infertility and even broken relationships. Sexual dysfunction can affect both men and women and is as much a

9 01, 2017

Bacterial Vaginosis: Causes, Complications and Treatment

The female reproductive organs are highly sensitive and susceptible to infections. Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) is one of the most common infections that affect the vagina and it is prevalent in women of reproductive age though others can come across the infection too. Though the infection is not a rare condition, it can have far reaching

6 01, 2017

Vaginal dryness: How to deal with it

Women encounter a variety of reproductive issues during their lifetime; from serious and less common ones like female infertility to the common and easily manageable ones such as vaginal dryness; these gynecological problems are part and parcel of their existence. Though vaginal dryness is seen more as an age-related reproductive issue, it can be experienced

4 01, 2017

Understanding your menstrual cycle: The best time to conceive

Inability to conceive despite repeated attempts may leave couples bewildered and desperate, looking for reasons of the same. While it may be attributed to serious ones like male and female infertility, the reasons might be as simple as wrong timing of their attempts at conceiving. In more specific words, the couple may be trying but

2 01, 2017

How long can it take to conceive after stopping birth control pill?

A woman may have to come across several ironical situations in her lifetime; for instance, after spending years to figure out how not to get pregnant, she may suddenly find herself experiencing the fear of female infertility, all because of a tiny pill she has been taking to prevent pregnancy till now. One of the most