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Best IVF Centre in Patna

High Success Rate
Expert in Handling Multiple Failed IVF Cases
World-Class Treatment at Low EMI

Welcome to Gaudium IVF Centre Patna

Gaudium IVF, established with the aim to offer cutting-edge infertility treatments, serves childless couples in Patna, India, and around the world under the supervision of Dr. Manika Khanna (Founder, C.E.O., and Chairperson of Gaudium IVF).


Winner of Healthcare Brand of the Year 2023
Winner of Healthcare Brand of the Year 2023
Dr Manika Khanna Awarded Quality Choice by ESQR July 2022
Awarded the highly prestigious Quality Award by ESQR (European Society for Quality Research) Spain, 2022
IVF Leader of the Year, India Award
IVF Leader of the Year, India Award by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar at Healthcare Heroes Conclave & Awards
Best IVF Chain Award
Leading with Innovation
*2019 Best IVF Chain Award by Frost & Sullivan (USA)
Medical Science and Practice Award
Awarded "Name in Medical Science and Practice" for contribution to Global Women Health by Oxford (UK) in 2021
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Gaudium IVF Patna

Orchid Mall, No-3-B, 3rd Floor, Opposite A N College, Boring Patliputra Road, Patna - 800013

Why Gaudium IVF?

Gaudium IVF, renowned as the best IVF Center in Patna, was founded with the mission to fulfill the dream of parenthood. Dr. Manika Khanna, a globally acclaimed infertility specialist, established this center in 2009. Over the past decade, Gaudium IVF has consistently been acknowledged as the best fertility treatment facility.

High Success Rate
High Success Rate

Our high success rate is the reason that has enabled us in helping numerous couples to achieve their dream of parenthood successfully.

Handle World's Most Complex Cases

Recognizing the emotional distress of infertility and experiencing multiple IVF failures, we offer not just medical expertise but also essential emotional support to our patients.

IVF baby
World-Class Treatment at Low EMI
Affordable Treatment

We provide the World class IVF treatment at low cost EMI.

Personalized Attention
Personalized Attention

We listen to all our patient’s concerns and help them with individualized and compassionate care.

Dr. Manika Khanna (Founder, CEO & Chairperson of Gaudium)

Dr. Manika Khanna Dr. Manika Khanna a woman, a Mother a Doctor, a Business entrepreneur & a Social worker who gave a new dimension to the IVF business market by helping hopeless childless couples.

She is a lifetime member of the Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction (ISAR), the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), and the European Society of Human Reproduction & Embryology (ESHERE).

Dr. Manika Khanna received an honorary professorship from the Academic Union of Oxford in London, UK. Additionally, in 2023, Dainik Jagran named her the IVF leader of the year.

Gaudium IVF, driven by innovative dedication and unwavering determination to help childless couples achieve their dreams, has established itself as a leading IVF center in the field of infertility treatment.

Most Trusted and Best IVF Centre in Patna, Bihar

Best IVF Centre in Patna

Gaudium IVF is India's most trusted and best IVF chain. Get the complete IVF Fertility Advice and Guidance on Treatment from India's top experts.

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is considered today to be one of the greatest successes in modern medicine. IVF is the one of the most effective treatment for infertile couples to fulfill their dream of parenthood. Couples in Patna have the best infertility treatment available right in their city.

Gaudium IVF Centre is located in Patna and is easily accessible from all regions of Patna and Bihar. With its high standards of treatment and patient care, Gaudium IVF Centres are regarded as one of the most respected and trusted chain of IVF Clinics in India.

Gaudium IVF has quickly become a go-to choice for infertility treatment due to its reputation for ethical treatment, excellent patient care and empathetic staff facilitating IVF fertility treatments. Our experience and expertise along with one of the best infrastructure, latest technologies and talent places us at the forefront to offer the best possible infertility treatment in Patna.

Best IVF Specialist Doctors in Patna

Many patients wonder how to choose the best IVF clinic in Patna. This brings us to the questions, what makes an IVF Clinic or the IVF doctor as the best and how do we recognize an IVF clinic to be the best IVF Centre/Hospital in Patna or elsewhere? Is it the best IVF Center/Clinic in Patna the one with most positive patient feedback, top reviews or is it the one delivering an exceptional client-centered approach, and delivering exceptional treatment? At Gaudium we excel in each and every aspect of fertility treatment. We have the team of best IVF specialist doctors and professionals who bring the very best in fertility treatment to the people of Patna.

Gaudium IVF Centre Patna is popular because of its comprehensive and specialized medical team. Here at Gaudium you can be sure that we will make you feel at ease and all your questions about your treatment, even the most specific ones, will be answered by our experienced and professional staff.

Cost of IVF Treatment in Patna

It is important to know about the expenditure and budget before opting for IVF Treatment. The cost of IVF Treatment in Patna varies depending on the treatment and services required. There are often certain tests and examinations that must be done before any treatment, for which additional costs will be involved.

In addition, depending on the age and other factors, certain added tests may also be required. Some special techniques if required will also impact the overall cost of the treatment.

At Gaudium IVF Centre we excel in providing cost-effective IVF treatment to the residents of Patna and Bihar. For many, cost of IVF treatment can be a financial burden and thus it is important to know even the finer details such as taxes and other charges involved. Some common costs and expenditures involved during IVF treatment are the charges for examinations and tests, consultation charges, analysis of semen costs, IUI cost, surgery charges, OT charges, follow-up checkups charges, medication costs amongst others.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which IVF Clinic Has the Highest Success Rate in Patna?

Answer: Gaudium IVF Clinic has been ranked No.1 in North India for its high IVF success rate and is ranked No. 2 in India by the Times Health Survey 2021.

How to Choose the Best IVF Clinic in Patna?

Answer: To select the best IVF center in Patna City, you can consider all these points: 1. Extensive research about the clinic 2. Use of Advanced Technology 3. Rate of Success 4. Price or EMI Options 5. The doctor's experience and reputation.

Is the EMI option available for IVF Treatment?

Answer: Yes, Interest-Free EMI Option Available.

How Much Does IVF Treatment Cost in Patna?

Answer: Gaudium provides world-class IVF treatment at a low EMI cost in Patna, and our consultation and initial investigation are free.

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