24 07, 2017

The Vicious Cycle of Stress and Infertility-All that IVF centres in Delhi have to say

Infertility is a common issue but its causes are diverse. Medical complications in any or both of the partners could be responsible for it. But surprisingly, environmental and behavioral factors hinder fertility in a very large number of cases. Stress is one of the key concerns for infertile couples because it is hard to identify

17 07, 2017

Role of body fat for a healthy pregnancy as told by infertility doctors in Delhi

A woman’s fertility is influenced by a number of physical and lifestyle factors. Body fat is one of them; both women with too much or too little of it are at high risk of female infertility and pregnancy-related complications. It is, thus, important to understand the role of body fat in getting pregnant and sustaining

14 07, 2017

Pregnancy Trimester-Wise- All that IVF centers in Delhi have to say

Pregnancy is the most miraculous phase in a woman’s life. The feel of another life growing inside her is special. It feels all the more magical if it has been achieved after a long struggle, with the help of IVF treatment in Delhi. Every day brings a new experience as the fetus changes from a

12 07, 2017

Understanding Pregnancy Implantation Bleeding: All that IVF clinics in Delhi have to say

The period between conception and confirmation of pregnancy is critical, particularly if the woman has been struggling with female infertility. Whether conception is natural or assisted with IVF treatment in Delhi, it takes two weeks to be confirmed. This 2 ww or 2 week wait period has the woman hanging between hope and despair. Every

10 07, 2017

Travel during Pregnancy: Do IVF clinics in Delhi favor it?

Pregnancy is a delicate phase when a woman needs to take extra precautions. It is all the more important for those who have conceived with assisted techniques such as IVF. These precautions suggested by IVF doctors in Delhi are related to the woman’s lifestyle and activities, in addition to her dietary and nutritional habits. One