Infertility is when you cannot get pregnant after having unprotected, regular sex for six months to one year, depending on your age. The main symptom of infertility is not getting pregnant.

There are some warning sings of infertility, if you are suffering from any of these speak to your Doctor before  you spend a year trying your own

1. Irregular Menstruation

When menstruation begins, having irregular periods can be normal. It takes the body awhile to get regulated. Once you’ve passed your teenage years, your cycles should be regular. An irregular cycle can be a sign for infertility problems and may be a sign of an ovulation problem. If your cycles are unusually short or long (less than 24 days or more than 35 days), or they come unpredictably, speak with your doctor. If you don’t get your periods at all, you absolutely must talk to your doctor. There are a variety of causes for irregular periods. Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is one of the most common causes of irregular cycles and ovulation-related infertility. Other possible causes for irregular periods include hyperprolactinemia, primary ovarian insufficiency, thyroid dysfunction, low ovarian reserves, being over or underweight, and excessive exercise.

2. Light/Heavy Bleeding and Cramps

Bleeding between three to seven days can be considered normal..

  • Significant changes in bleeding heaviness
  • Significant changes in the days of bleeding days
  • Severe menstrual cramps
  • Unusual spotting between cycles

Menstrual cramps that interfere with your daily life can be a symptom of endometriosis or pelvic inflammatory disease, both of which can cause infertility. Both of these diseases get worse with time, so it’s important you don’t delay seeking help.

3. Age Factor

Both female and male fertility declines with age. The risk of infertility increases at age 35 for women and continues to grow with time. A 30-year-old woman has a 20 percent chance of conceiving in any one month, while a 40-year-old woman has only a 5 percent chance. Women over 35 are also more likely to experience a miscarriage and to have a child with a congenital disease.

Male fertility is also affected by age, though not as drastically as in women.

4. Partner Infertility

Male factor infertility isn’t always so obvious, and there are rarely symptoms. Usually, low sperm counts or inhibited sperm mobility is determined by a sperm analysis. (In other words, you’ll need to go through fertility testing to discover the problem.)But if your partner experiences sexual dysfunction, this could be an infertility sign.

5. Weight

Your weight plays a major role in your fertility. Being overweight—or underweight—can lead to trouble conceiving. Obese is one of the most call cause of infertility. If you are having difficulty with losing extra weight, talk to your doctor. Some hormonal causes of infertility can lead to weight problems. For example, PCOS increases your risk of obesity and happens to also be a cause of infertility.

6. Smoking and Alcohol Habits

  • Smoking and drinking while trying to get conceive is a very big problem.
  • In Male Smoking negatively affects sperm counts, sperm shape, and sperm movement and Smoking is also connected to erectile dysfunction.
  • In Female smoking can speed up the process of ovarian aging, bringing on earlier menopause.

These are some signs to look out and caught it much sooner so your fertility treatment success will be much higher and visit India’s Best IVF Centre.

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