One of the most common reasons a woman has trouble getting pregnant is a condition called polycystic ovary syndrome(PCOS).

It’s a hormone problem that interferes with the reproductive system.

When you have PCOS, your ovaries are larger than normal. These bigger ovaries can have many tiny cysts that contain immature eggs.

Women with this condition can experience irregular periods, abnormal hair growth, acne, and can have ovaries containing multiple small cysts

Living with PCOS and getting pregnant is challenging because your body doesn’t produce the hormones necessary for regular ovulation. Without these hormones, the egg inside the ovary does not fully mature. The follicle that holds the egg still grows and fills with fluid. However, there is no mature egg to rupture it, so it remains as a cyst.

For those women trying to conceive a pregnancy, the first step in treatment of PCOS is lifestyle modification, including a healthy diet and exercise. The diets shown to be most successful in PCOS patients include those with lower carbohydrates, a reduced glycemic load. Recommended exercise in PCOS patients is at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise three times per week, with daily exercise being the ultimate goal.

Some women with PCOS have trouble with their menstrual cycle,because Each month, a collection of multiple eggs start to mature in a woman’s ovaries but usually only one becomes mature or dominant.  In women with PCOS, the ovary doesn’t receive the correct signals from the pituitary to produce the hormones it needs for any of the eggs to fully mature.  It may be because of high insulin levels which interrupts the normal signals to grow eggs.  Follicles containing eggs start to grow but do not receive the correct signals.  The follicles stop growing or arrest and become atretic remaining as small cystic areas seen on ultrasound.  Since no egg matures or is released, ovulation does not occur and the hormone progesterone is not made.  Without progesterone, a woman’s menstrual cycle is irregular or absent.

So if you are an PCOS Patient and getting pregnant is your ultimate goal.

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