19 11, 2019

Don’t Run Away From Infertility Treatment

Hearing infertility from the doctor might bring your dreams crashing down, and you might think it is the end of the world for you. Why let such thoughts cripple you when infertility treatments are available at infertility treatment centers. Having a baby is the dream which a couple nurtures together and when complications surface, it

18 11, 2019

All that you need to know about menses: Its symptoms, problems, and treatment

Dealing with menstrual symptoms is a part of every woman’s life journey. The pain during periods and the wetness of the sanitary napkins can give jitters during the early years but becomes a routine until you reach menopause. If your menstrual cycle is perfect, you will get your menses on the scheduled date, but problems

7 05, 2019

Emotional stress impact of infertility

The inability to conceive children is experienced as a stressful situation by individuals and couples all around the world. The emotions associated with infertility come from both the inside and out. In many communities, the demand to have children is instilled at a very early age. Infertility is not an easy situation to deal with. You

5 02, 2019

What STDS can make you infertile?

What STDS can make you infertile? 6 STD that can affect infertility Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) definitely aren’t the end of the world. However, since they are diseases,For some STDs, one of those consequences is difficulty getting pregnant, and/or having an effect on the fetus or newborn baby. Luckily, this isn’t a sure thing,

24 09, 2018

Journey of Dr. Manika

Dr. Manika Khanna is a leading Gynecologist and pioneer in Assisted Reproduction in Human (I.V.F) in India with an illustrious medical career of more than 20 years. Currently she is successfully heading Gaudium IVF and Gynae Solutions - a foremost and fastest growing IVF Centre with an International presence. To pursue her passion to serve