Journey-of-a-Power-Couple-to-a-Power-TrioWe at Gaudium IVF, the best IVF centre in Delhi are known for treating the most complicated and challenging cases and delivering successful results. Read on to find out how we successfully treated one of the most challenging cases we have come across.

Please Note: For confidentiality purposes, the real names of the couple are replaced by fictional names and the couple would be referred as Mr. and Mrs. Paul for this case study.

With high hopes, a Power Couple came to Gaudium all the way from Republic of Guinea for their fertility treatment. The woman aged 42 years had been longing to have a baby. Infertility along with the advanced maternal age was taking a toll on them. On evaluation by our expert infertility specialist Dr. Manika Khanna, it was revealed that Mrs. Paul had a case of multiple fibroids with Poor Ovarian Reserve which was creating a hurdle in her pregnancy.

After 35, the fertility levels in women start declining and the complications increase. Although the advanced age of Mrs. Paul was got us into a challenging situation, but we at Gaudium love challenges and have always treated the most complicated cases successfully. Dr. Manika Khanna decided not to go for  Myomectomy*, performing IVF with multiple fibroids is one of the biggest challenges.

Dr. Khanna designed a tailor made protocol of IVF which was used by the experts of Gaudium. Not only was the IVF successful even after having multiple fibroids, but also good quality eggs were retrieved despite of having a Poor Ovarian Reserve and the woman conceived successfully.

Not only such cases make the patients happy, but it makes us proud of our treatments and hard work as well. The trust our patients have in us that they travel all the way from far off lands to get their treatments done encourages every single day.

Infertility is common these days and with a little help and guidance anyone can become pregnant. We would like to invite you for a free consultation at Gaudium IVF, a trusted name for best IVF centre in Delhi.

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* Myomectomy- removal of multiple fibroids surgically.