20 08, 2015

Male Infertility: Misconceptions, Causes and Solutions

In the last few decades, male infertility in India has been on a steady rise. At the international conference on Challenges in Infertility Management (CIIM) in 2014, experts observed that male infertility now contributes to 6 in 10 of all infertility cases in the country. In most cases, low sperm count is the underlying cause.

17 08, 2015

Infertility Treatment: Are You Being Taken for a Ride?

With infertility in both men and women on the rise, there has been an influx of infertility treatment centres and IVF clinics all over the country. In the past decade, ART (assisted reproductive technology) has witnessed several breakthroughs which make infertility treatments such as IVF more patient-friendly and also greatly affect success rates.Unfortunately, not all

13 08, 2015

Modern advance treatment to conceive a baby

IVF, IUI and ICSI: What is the Difference? IVF, IUI and ICSI are various forms of infertility treatments or assisted reproductive techniques (ART). Unlike IVF, IUI does not always involve administration of fertility medication, hence considered a more ‘natural’ fertility treatment. ICSI is a modification of the standard IVF procedure undertaken in cases of severe

11 08, 2015

Why Has My Fertility Doctor Prescribed So Many Tests?

Fertility tests Couples going through infertility treatment may sometimes feel overwhelmed with having to go through a number of tests, particularly at the time of diagnosis. Given that some clinics do mislead unsuspecting patients and advise unnecessary tests, it is not unusual for a patient to be apprehensive about the necessity of all

3 08, 2015

All You Need to Know about Embryo Freezing – 10 Frequently Asked Questions

Embryo Freezing When a woman undergoes an IVF cycle, she is given fertility medication to induce her ovaries to release multiple eggs at a time. This is done with the objective of developing more than one embryo so that the best ones may be selected for transfer to her uterus to facilitate pregnancy.