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India in the past has been known to be the ideal location for international couples who wish to resort to surrogacy. However, since 2015, international surrogacy is prohibited and certain rules have been established. Commercial surrogacy has been banned, meaning that no price can be agreed or paid for the surrogacy process, and no agencies cannot be involved in the proceeding amongst others.

This has given a unique opportunity for local couples to plan and undertake surrogacy in the country. Surrogacy in India is only allowed for infertile Indian couples who have been married for a minimum of five years. Also the surrogate mother has to be a close relative of the intended parents and must be married and a mother already.

Now only altruistic surrogacy is allowed in India, which means that the cost of surrogacy in India cannot be estimated and can only be paid for the needs of the surrogate mother and the child on a one-off basis and not for commercial purposes. It also means that surrogacy for singles, same-sex and LGBT couples or live-in partners have been banned in India. Surrogacy treatment is a complex process that involved medical, legal and emotional as well as many other aspects. Our professional team can be consulted to learn more about the process and surrogacy treatment cost in Mumbai.

One of the best Surrogacy Clinic in Mumbai

At Gaudium Fertility Clinic our team of doctors and specialists will ensure that your baby will be healthy and biologically yours. The team will make sure that all tests are done, that the right person will be the surrogate mother for you, and that your baby's health and well-being is monitored throughout the pregnancy. We are one of the best surrogacy clinics in Mumbai; we offer surrogacy programs in Mumbai based on modern and innovative processes and technology powered by experienced reproductive doctors and specialists. Personalized care and support is given to both future parents and the chosen surrogate mother.

We have an expirenced team of professionals who ensure high level of professionalism and privacy. We make sure that potential parents who work with Gaudium Fertility Clinic have access only the best treatment and care. What makes us one of the best surrogacy clinics in Mumbai is the fact that Gaudium Fertility Clinic employs only the best IVF physicians and professionals who will help ensure the safety and health of all of the patients, egg donors and surrogates. Other than medical aspect of treatment our team will provide personalised services to make the whole process become more convenient for everyone.

Surrogacy Treatment with Experienced Doctors

Surrogacy treatment with experienced Doctors at Gaudium Fertility Clinic ensures that the whole process becomes more convenient for everyone. Our experienced doctors will ensure that no biological material is extracted from the chosen substitute. The surrogate mother will carry the baby but will have no legal parental rights after birth. All participants in surrogacy programs or who want to become parent through surrogacy often are concerned about the question - where and how to start? The first and foremost task is to do your research and select the fertility clinic providing the best Surrogacy Treatment with Experienced Doctors.

At Gaudium we provide all medical care, including comprehensive antenatal and postnatal care. The conditions of anonymity and confidentiality of surrogacy is very important, it is desirable that the selected clinic provides the most efficient service from the birth of a baby with no or minimum risk to all participants in the process. Gaudium Fertility Clinic Mumbai has in-depth experience and expertise in surrogacy and reproductive technology. Our leading experts have handled a wide gamut of cases and have developed processes that are innovative and patient friendly. We help our patients in all medical, legal, logistical and commercial issues. Our team is highly sensitive attitude towards out patients and provide attentive support at all stages. Our support and service ensures comfort and tranquillity to future parents while waiting for their own baby.

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