How to Worry less and De-stress during pre-conception

Planning for a baby is the happiest phase for any couple but is the most stressful phase as well. So, if you are trying to get pregnant, staying relaxed and stress-free should be on top of your priority list to make parenthood a happy and a smooth journey. Keeping this in mind, specialists from the best IVF centre in Delhi have shared a few effective tips to de-stress when trying to conceive.

  • Talk it out

Talking your heart out is the best therapy. As said, one feels light when they talk to someone dear. Share off of your load by talking to your friend, your partner, your mother or anyone you trust and who can imbibe positivity in you.

Loosen up a bit, go out, meet your loved ones and share your doubts, reason of stress and anxiety, you will be de-stressed!

  • Step out of your house

Going for a walk and spending time outdoors has been seen to reduce stress and tension built up in mind. Go for a picnic or opt for outdoors activities of your liking such as walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, etc. which will help you rejuvenate physically as well as mentally.

  • Give time to yourself

In this busy life and especially during this stressful, it is very important to take out some “me time”. Read your favourite book, listen to music, sip a cup of relaxing tea, practice yoga or meditation, spending time with yourself and doing activities you enjoy can actually help in calming your senses down.

  • Sweat it Out

Regular and correct form of exercise comes with an array of benefits, not only helps in maintaining weight and boosting fertility but also helps in de-stressing to a large extent. So, tie those hair up, slip into your training shoes, get going and sweat all your stress out. If you wish to know about the benefits and form of exercise best suited to you, read our article Exercise: Unhyped yet crucial for Fertility here. Work out will not help you in improving your physical health but will bring calmness, positivity and mental well being as well.

Reducing stress and leading a healthy lifestyle is important for everyone, but necessary for the couples trying to conceive. But if you are failing to get pregnant even after trying everything possible, then it is recommended that you should seek the help of a fertility specialist and not waste your time any further.

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