Even the most precious assets are taken for granted as long as they come effortlessly to us; their true worth is only realized by those who have to put extra effort to attainthem. Like the blessing of child; for all those who have to go through special treatments or procedure to receive this, only they could actually understand the importance of it.

But alongside it has also been observed that before undergoing any advance treatment of parturition, couples inquire from different sources, take multiple expert opinions,seek suggestions from family and friends, and this is all because of apprehensions and doubt they bear for such procedures.

According to a survey conducted by Heal Foundation, on the psychological condition of couples undergoing or considering such treatments, 73% of the couples in Delhi and 82% of the couples in Mumbai were found to be stressed and anxious before undergoing modern medical procedure for child birth like IVF (In Vitro Fertilization).

Childless couples, alreadybearingemotional stress, do not take novel medical methods too open heartedly. In spite of getting a ray of hope, myths and social stigma attached with such treatments make them hesitant and considerate;psychological counseling plays very important rolein these cases” says Dr. Manika Khanna, Director and Senior IVF expert, Gaudium IVF Centre.

According to experts, apprehensions in couples for such procedures are mainly due to uncertainty in the results, complexities and unfamiliarity for the methods, and lack of proper counseling and guidance.

The same survey also found that 66% couples form Delhi and 61% from Mumbai, undergoing advance medical process, like IVF, said that psychological support offered by the fertility centers is not sufficient.

Couples endure great emotional stress, when they make a decision on complicated medical procedures like IVF, but a proper counseling and emotional support from doctor can help them to overcome the doubts and facilitate them to get benefits of such wonderful techniques” says Dr. Khanna.

In IVF, an egg is surgically removed from women’s ovaries and fertilized with male sperm in laboratory. The fertilized egg (now called an embryo) is again returned to women’s womb to nurture and develop. The success rate of this treatment is as high as 70-85%.

This technique is a boon for males suffering with low sperm count or morphologically defected sperms and for females facing problem of unexplained infertility.

Along with medical guidance, psychological support of doctors, during this critical and intricate phase of the couples’ life, can make the entire process of achieving parenthood a stress free, enjoyable and worth cherishing experience.