IVF Treatment is a blessing for couples for whom natural conception has been difficult. The IVF Treatment technology and methods have undergone a sea of change since 1978 when the first IVF baby was born. Technology these days is advanced and so are the facilities which give a ray of hope to the depressed couples.

Having said that, IVF is no guarantee for a successful pregnancy! The success rate in the best IVF Centres in Delhi is undoubtedly high, but the fact that there are unsuccessful cases too cannot be ignored.

What are the reasons behind a failed IVF Case?

  1. Incompetent embryo: This will happen if the number of chromosomes in the embryo is irregular, thus deteriorating its quality and later on its failure when transferred to the womb.
  2. Improper implantation of the embryo: It can happen due to the following reasons:
  • Thin endometrial lining
  • Presence of scars or fibroids which prevent implantation.
  1. Age of the eggs: Chances of a successful pregnancy get reduced with the increase in the age of the women, and thus, the quality and quantity of eggs get reduced. It is advisable to use donor eggs in case the age is on a higher side.
  2. Reciprocation from the ovaries: In case of females having high FSH levels favorable response from a woman’s ovaries might not be received from IVF medication which means failure of producing multiple eggs.
  3. Chromosomal abnormalities: This too is dependent on age, and chromosomal abnormalities can result in miscarriage and implantation failure.
  4. Lifestyle: Obesity, excessive smoking, and drinking can be the reasons behind failed IVF.

IVF Centre in Delhi for failed IVF Case

Failed IVF case can lead to emotional distress in the couple. But the capability of any IVF clinic is judged from the fact how good it is at drawing lessons from the failed case and turning it into a successful one.

  1. Approach the fertility specialist who gives you an honest opinion about the success of the second IVF cycle.
  2. If embryo implantation was the reason, you can either visit the same IVF Clinic or consider going to another one.
  3. Your medication needs to be revised after consultation with the best IVF specialist if the ovary stimulation process posed complications.
  4. In case of abnormalities in egg or embryo, IVF Clinic with a higher success rate than the previous one should be considered.
  5. Donor sperms or donor eggs can be used after the first failed cycle.
  6. Get Comparative Genomic Hybridization (CGH) done so that reasons behind failed IVF might be discovered.

The best IVF Clinic in Delhi will be able to turn failures into success by teaming up with the best IVF specialist doctors and shall be able to send you home with a smile.