Post Embryo Transfer Precautions

Post Embryo Transfer Precautions

The IVF procedure is a Challenging thing in the life for an infertile couple. It is the moment that they have been Waiting and preparing for long time. Once the embryo has been placed in the uterus of the female partner, they start hoping in the procedure succeeds. The physical state and well being of mother is very important at this time. After going through so much of challenges, every couple should take maximum precautions which are needed after an Embryo Transfer, Many patients ask their doctor about the precautions that they should take immediately after the Embryo transfer. Even without their asking the doctors always list a number of Precautionary measures that should be adhered to after the IVF procedure the success of IVF Procedure is a prime importance for the couples and also for an IVF Specialist, so here are the things which you can do or cannot do after an embryo transfer.

1. Do Not Have Intercourse: After the transfer of embryos, you should avoid engaging in sexual intercourse. If you continue to have sex, you are at an increased risk of developing vaginal infections.

 2.  Avoid Heavy Lifting: It is important to stay away from any strenuous activities. Do not lift heavy weights – you need to be more careful during the first couple of weeks to confirm if you are pregnant. It is also better to avoid any tough household work for some time. Routine physical activity is allowed and is actually good.

4. Avoid Strenuous Workouts: It is related to the same precaution of not lifting heavy weights. Heavy aerobics and exercises are not recommended after the IVF procedure, but you should go for light exercise such as walking to keep you healthy.

5. Take Progesterone: Once the ovulation takes place, it is important to ensure that you have adequate amount of progesterone in your body. Without enough progesterone, you will not be able to maintain your pregnancy. Your body produces progesterone naturally, but you may also have to take artificial progesterone in injection or suppository/vaginal gel form to ensure adequate levels of progesterone in the body. You may have to take injections until the 12th week of your pregnancy, after which your body begins producing enough of progesterone on its own.

6.  Avoid Cigarettes: One of many important precautions after embryo transfer is to stop smoking. When you smoke, you inhale toxins that can affect your pregnancy. It is equally important to avoid being in smoky atmospheres because the secondhand smoke can also damage the lining of your uterus.

7.  Avoid Alcohol and Other Drugs:  Once you have conceived after IVF, it is important to avoid alcohol as much as possible. You should at least limit the intake if you cannot avoid it completely. The same is true for caffeine and other drugs.

What’s more, you should take plenty of rest and have early nights. It is also important to maintain a positive attitude and avoid being stressed about your pregnancy. Maintaining a positive attitude really helps make things a lot easier after the transfer of embryos. 

8. Eat Healthy food: There are certain food and fruits which Patient have to avoid like papaya, pineapple, Dry fruits, ginger, garlic, spinach etc. You need take healthy fibrous diet for better result.

9. Most important try to remain stress free: Do meditation, Do not overthink, Research shows that stress can have a 29% negative impact on IVF result, so believe in yourself and your doctor. Like at Gaudium to keep our patients stress free we carry out a special program for that called “Mantrana”

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Post Embryo transfer Precautions