A woman has the power to give birth to a new life. The strength which she has is second to none, and the warmth she can give to her baby is unconditional and matchless. The feeling of being a parent creeps into the couple when the pregnancy gets confirmed, and so begins a beautiful journey of a lifetime.

This picture-perfect scenario might be true in most of the cases, but there are couples for whom this is a far stretched dream. Let alone being apparent, conception itself is a challenge. IVF treatment is the most viable option for such couples.

What is IVF?

In Vitro Fertilization is the process of implanting a developed embryo in the womb, which has been fertilized in the laboratory. A woman’s ovulation process is monitored, and then ova or ovum is removed from the ovaries, which are fertilized with the sperm in a liquid in the laboratory. Once the fertilization happens, the embryo gets implanted in the womb, and delivery happens after the gestation period.

Who should go for IVF?

Opt for IVF Treatment in case of the following conditions:

  1. Endometriosis: Growth of abnormal tissue outside the uterus makes getting pregnant difficult.
  2. PCOS: When the ovaries get enlarged and small cysts are formed on the outer edges, conception through IVF by consulting the best female infertility doctor is the only solution.
  3. Tubal Damage: Damage to fallopian tubes or pelvic adhesive diseases makes conception a problem. If these cannot be fixed surgically, IVF clinic should be visited for IVF treatment.
  4. Diminished ovarian function: With age, ovarian function decreases. At a later stage in life, getting pregnant is possible only through IVF.
  5. Unexplained infertility (Idiopathic): If you have been trying for a baby for a year and you haven’t been able to hit the cause, visit the best IVF centre in Delhi.
  6. Male infertility: Male infertility clinic helps to address infertility problems related to men.
  7. Irregular ovulation cycles: IVF treatment is helpful in case of irregular cycles because ovulation is induced to produce eggs.

When to opt for IVF?

Infertility in either husband or wife can be the reason behind a failed conception, and it becomes a viable decision to consult the best IVF specialist doctor if:

  1. Your partner has a low sperm count
  2. Damaged fallopian tubes
  3. Hormonal disturbances
  4. Cervical factor
  5. Problems in ovulation
  6. Endometriosis

IVF is a hope for couples who wish to carry their baby at the earliest. Visiting the best IVF Centre in Delhi is a step in this direction.