The thougIVF Cost in Delhiht of being a father or mother itself a very exhilarating experience! But the dreams might come shattering down for couples who have been willing to have a baby but haven’t been lucky yet.

Such couples can find solace in IVF treatment, which is nothing less than a miracle. You need to approach the best IVF Clinic in Delhi to get the treatment started. But before that, it is important that the exact cost of the treatment is shown to you in black and white so that managing funds is not a problem.

Cost of IVF Treatment

IVF treatment is not just like any other treatment and can make you feel the pinch because of the cost associated with it.

The average cost per IVF cycle varies from individual to individual because some might get pregnant after one cycle, while for others it may require one or more IVF cycles.

  • The average cost per IVF Treatment Cycle in Delhi varies from case to case.
  • In the case of advanced treatments, the cost will be higher.
  • The cost of Frozen Embryo Transfer varies from individual to individual.

The cost covers

  • Cost of fertility drugs
  • Blood work
  • Ultrasounds and scans

If any IVF clinic offers the treatment for less than the basic amount there might be some hidden charges or the technology used is not advanced. You need to identify the loopholes before finalizing the Top IVF Centre in India.

Following which influence IVF

  1. Age of the women: The younger the women, the lesser the number of IVF cycles and the lesser would be the cost.
  2. Donor sperms/eggs
  3. Donor embryos
  4. Frozen Embryo Transfer
  5. Testicular Sperm Aspiration (TESA): If men have undergone vasectomy but still wish to have a baby, TESA is the procedure.
  6. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI): If males have fertility issues, ICSI is used.

Please note that these costs are in addition to the cost of the IVF Cycle. The basic amount plus the additional costs mentioned above add to the cost of the total IVF Treatment.

What all does IVF Cost cover in Delhi?

It includes

  • Cost of treatment of male infertility problems
  • Fees of fertility experts
  • Embryo freezing charges
  • Cost of medication prescribed

The Best IVF Centre in Delhi is the one that has a transparent policy of disclosing the facts and figures and ensuring that success is achieved at the earliest. Don’t fall into the trap of amateurs and trust the Best IVF Specialist Doctor.