For a couple, the best IVF Centre in Delhi would be the one from where they have been able to live their dream of having their baby. What might seem to be a cakewalk is a herculean task because every individual is different, and so is his/her hormonal system. Taking into account the dynamism of the human body and developing an embryo outside the uterus calls for specialized knowledge and experience on the subject, and it is after this that an IVF Clinic gets the prefix best attached to it.

What is the best place for IVF Treatment?

Studies have shown that India has become one of the favourite countries for women across the world for getting the IVF treatment done. Delhi being the national capital has a plethora of affordable, convenient, renowned and well-equipped clinics where the success rate is high. However, consider the following points before choosing the best place for IVF treatment:

  1. It should be worth the money spent because IVF is a costly treatment.
  2. The reputation of the doctor which includes the experience and success rate, should be high.
  3. The age of women should not pose a barrier. You should opt for a clinic where women above the age of 40 have been able to get pregnant through IVF treatment.
  4. What is the presence of donor banks?
  5. The kind of technology used and the other facilities in the IVF clinic.
  6. The infrastructure should be good.

What is the best time for IVF Treatment?

Deciding upon when to start with IVF treatment might be a difficult call. You should start with the treatment before it gets too late.

  1. The age of the female is the biggest determiner:
  • Below 35 years and have been trying for 12 months
  • Above 35 years and haven’t been successful in the last 6 months
  • Over 40 years and have tried for 3 months
  1. IVF success rates are similar through out the year.
  1. Visiting IVF clinic should not be ignored in case of:
  • PCOS
  • Endometriosis
  • Damaged fallopian tubes
  • Male fertility problems

Thus, the time and place for going to the best IVF centre in Delhi depend on how quick you are in accepting the fact that treatment is needed and what is your approach during the process.

The happier you are, the higher are the chances of getting pregnant in the first go.