Visiting An IVF Clinic

Over the past 1 year Covid-19 has been the hot topic of discussion around the Globe. It’s sad how COVID -19 has taken a serious toll on our physical and mental health. Everybody around the world is tackling it in their own ways. Amid COVID -19 people are scared to visit general hospitals, which seems to be a wise decision given the current covid-19 scenario.

For people who have been thinking to undergo special treatments like INFERTILITY or have already started the treatment need not to worry. As Infertility clinics are specialised clinics, just make sure before choosing the IVF clinic, if all the precautionary measures are being taken to keep the premises COVID free, to keep their patients safe and sound.

Infertility in itself is quite stressful, don’t let the COVID 19 situation add to that stress.

Visit your IVF clinic by following these easy steps that we’ve got for you, during your visit.


  1. Book yourself an appointment, stick to your time and make sure that you arrive at your booked time.
  2. Wear a face mask properly, maintain the basics of good hygiene, and carry your own sanitizer.
  3. If you have symptoms like cough, cold or fever, you must stay at home, and get an online consultation from the Infertility Expert.
  4. Get your temperature checked before entering the clinic.
  5. It’s only wise if the person with the appointment enters the IVF clinic.
  6. Maintain social distancing, sit at a distance from others because risk is higher if you spend a long time in close proximity.
  7. All the payments should be done digitally.
  8. If you have already started the treatment then don’t let the COVID 19 chaos affect it, because so far pregnant women do not seem to be at any higher risk than other non-pregnant females for a severe form of COVID 19.

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