PCOS-Struggle You might have somewhere come across the term Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). PCOS has evolved as a common problem among most women in recent times. It is a type of hormonal change in women. PCOS and pregnancy are strongly linked. But before knowing the relation of PCOS with pregnancy, it is important for you to know what PCOS actually is.

What is PCOS?

PCOS is a type of hormonal imbalance that affects women. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome actually refers to a condition in which the ovaries produce more mare male hormones, androgens, higher than the normal level. If you are experiencing irregular menstrual periods or abnormal weight gain or excessive body and face hair, then there is a chance that you may be diagnosed with PCOS. Some other symptoms of PCOS include thinning or even balding of head hair, high blood pressure, dandruff, skin tags, and insulin resistance.

PCOS and Pregnancy

For a woman diagnosed with PCOS, becoming pregnant is challenging. When you are diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, your body will not be able to produce the required hormone that is essential for regular ovulation. The lack of the necessary hormones does not allow the eggs within the ovary to fully mature.

PCOS and pregnancy chances are inter-related. The high levels of male hormones in the case of PCOS prevent the release of eggs, leading to fertility issues in women. PCOS can increase the risk of complications during pregnancy, including miscarriage, premature birth, high blood pressure, and gestational diabetes. With PCOS, it also takes longer for a woman to become pregnant.

Treatment for PCOS

If you are having a PCOS problem, availing some fertility treatments can help in eliminating the complications during pregnancy. Some of the best options for treatment of PCOS include:

  • Managing Symptoms

On seeing the symptoms of PCOS, you can try to manage the symptoms to avoid further complications. Maintaining a healthy weight and consuming a healthy diet are some of the easy ways of avoiding PCOS.

  • Medications

If you are suffering from PCOS, the evolution of medications is good news for you. With the development of medical science, more and more medicines are being developed. Modern medicines help in treating PCOS easily.

In Vitro Fertilization is a treatment option that can help women with PCOS become pregnant successfully. Even if IVF is a time consuming and expensive process, it has proved to be successful in increasing the chances of pregnancy and bringing healthy babies to families.

PCOS can complicate the pregnancy process. For a healthy pregnancy, it is important for you to discuss with your doctor and gain advice about PCOS and pregnancy success. Your doctor can help you with effective treatment options to enable you to start a happy family.