The Intrauterine Insemination process is widely being opted by many couples to successfully treat the infertility issues and welcome a baby to their home. But in order to make the IUI procedure a complete success, it is important for you to know what to do before IUI as well as what to do after IUI. Knowing what not to do is also equally important.

The Dos after IUI Process

If you are wondering about what to do after Intrauterine insemination (IUI) for success, here is the list that can be helpful for your successful pregnancy.

  • Take Rest

Taking rest is one of the important things to do after undergoing the IUI procedure. After the sperms are successfully placed in the uterus of the intended mother, the patient is advised to rest for some minutes. Even after the patient gets discharged from the clinic, one important thing to consider is to avoid any discomfort and take rest for few days. If you have recently undergone the IUI treatment, you are advised to avoid doing the household work and restrict your travel. Even when you feel a little discomfort or anxiety, taking rest can make the situation better.

  • Consume Healthy food

If you are thinking of what to eat after IUI for success, a healthy diet is the right answer. A healthy diet rich in fruits and green vegetables is also the answer to what to eat before IUI. Make sure to consume a healthy and balanced diet after the IUI procedure. Providing your body with all the required nutrients is a key requirement for the success of the treatment. Adding green leafy vegetables, fruits, and nuts to your diet can ensure a healthy diet. Moreover, fresh and home-cooked foods are more recommended.

  • Do Light Exercise

Light exercise is one of the answers to what to do after IUI Treatment to increase chances of success. Doing some light exercise after a few days of the intrauterine insemination process can help in improving the blood flow in your body. Yoga and some light stretching are effective during that period.

  • Take Medicines Religiously

Taking the prescribed medicines religiously without missing a single dose can help in improving the chances of successful fertilization. Along with taking the medicines, visiting your doctor can help in improving the success rate.

The Don’ts After the IUI Process

Some of the things to avoid after the IUI procedure include:

  • Avoid Pain Killers

While wondering about what to avoid after IUI, avoiding painkillers tops the list. Pain and cramps are common after the process. However, avoid taking the painkillers as they may reduce the chance of success of the IUI treatment.

  • Avoid Lifting Heavy Objects

Another important what not to do after IUI includes avoiding heavy lifting. Lifting the heavy objects can lead to cramps, and in some cases, it can also cause damage to the lining of the uterus affecting the success of the process.

  • Avoid Stress

After undergoing the IUI treatment, it is important for you to remain positive. Make sure to avoid stress as it can cause an imbalance of the hormones that can affect the success rate of pregnancy.

  • Avoid Smoking and Drinking

Smoking or drinking can complicate fertility issues. Make sure to avoid them after the IUI process.

Apart from the dos and don’ts mentioned above, avoiding harmful radiation is also an answer to what to do after the IUI procedure. Following the do’s and don’ts wholeheartedly can increase the success rate for you.