A centre which is a blessing for those parents who can accomplish their desire of having their baby is the surrogacy centre. Being a mother is a feeling which is hard to be put into words but imagine the plight of those females who cannot carry their baby. What are they supposed to do? Where should they go? Surrogacy Centre in Delhi is for the services of such women who want to live their dreams.

What does surrogate definition?

An arrangement whereby a woman agrees to bear your child for nine months and gives you the baby after the delivery is called surrogacy. It is of two types:

  • Traditional: The eggs of the surrogate get fertilized with the sperms of the donor, and the surrogate is the biological mother.
  • Gestational: In this, both the eggs and the sperms are of the donor, and the woman is not the biological mother.

Why use a surrogate mother?

  • Complications with the uterus
  • You have got the uterus removed
  • You have ailments like heart disease which makes pregnancy impossible for you
  • You have faced multiple miscarriages and failed IVF
  • Same-sex partners can have babies
  • If age is the hindrance, couples can seek help from surrogate mothers

Surrogacy and IVF

Through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), eggs are collected from the mother and are fertilized with the sperm of the father, and the embryo is thus placed in the uterus of the surrogate mother who carries the baby for nine months and post that gives your baby to you. It is a legal arrangement, and the surrogate mother doesn’t have any right on the baby.

What is the cost of surrogacy?

The surrogacy cost involves the following expenses

  • Cost of screening
  • IVF cost
  • Cost of medication
  • Collection of egg and transfer of the embryo
  • Cost of medication during the pregnancy of the surrogate
  • Delivery and post-delivery expenses
  • Insurance of the surrogate

These expenses don’t include the hospitalization expenses if complications happen during pregnancy and post-natal care of the baby.

Surrogacy in India costs between Rs 8lakhs-Rs 20lakhs, and India happens to be a hot destination for surrogacy owing to the cost-effectiveness and infrastructure available.

Surrogacy Treatment in India is recommended because of the following reasons:

The surrogacy success rate is higher than in the USA or Europe.

Gestational surrogacy enables infertile couples to have their biological babies.

Surrogacy assists in reproduction when natural conception and delivery is not possible. Surrogacy Centre is known for its infrastructure, state of the art equipment, congenial environment, and exceptional services with high surrogacy success rate through IVF.

Surrogacy center is a door that is your gateway to lifelong happiness!!