Step By Step Reflection of IVF Treatment

IVF is one of the proven and tested measures for addressing issues with fertility but most of the couples are still  skeptical about it , because they don’t have proper information.

We have got a step by step guide for your IVF treatment.

STEP 1 : Fertility Consultation

The fertility consultation discussion followed by a thorough medical examination.  After this  your doctor will explain to you  all the options and the treatment protocol required to address infertility.

STEP 2 : Stimulation

The female partner will be advised to visit on day two or three of her menstrual cycle, when hormonal investigations are done along with an ultrasound. The ovaries are stimulated with medication (injections) to promote the growth of follicles containing the eggs; this process generally takes  8 to 12 days. The response of the ovaries is monitored through trans vaginal scans 

STEP 3 : Oocyte pick up

After taking the medicine,  prescribed injection (trigger) is administered to assist  the final maturation of the egg and loosening of the egg from the follicular wall. After this The patient has to visit the clinic for the egg retrieval process, which is performed 34-35 hours after the trigger administration. Egg retrieval is conducted  with the guidance of ultrasound under mild general anesthesia to make it painless.

STEP 4 : Sperm Collection

On the day of egg pick up, the male partner gives  a fresh semen sample, which is analysed and processed by the embryologist in the lab.  If the patient has azoospermia then sperm can be extracted from testicles  through the procedure named TESA (testicular sperm aspiration). 

The egg and the sperm are fused with the help of ICSI technology.

The fertilized egg is kept in the laboratories converted into the embryo.

STEP 6 : Embryo Transfer

After evaluation in the laboratory, the finest embryos are selected for transfer and the doctor gives you  a preferable day for embryo transfer.

STEP 7 : After  embryo Transfer

Supportive medicines  are prescribed and  rest for 3 days is advised after the embryo transfer that helps the embryo to implant in the uterus. After the set out period, pregnancy tests are conducted to confirm pregnancy.

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