Some Common Myths About Infertility IVFInfertility is a major and challenging issue for the infertile couple, infertile couple need to prepare for the fact that 

1) Infertility is almost always caused by problems with the female’s reproductive system.
It’s common for people to think of infertility as a female problem, but only 35% of infertility cases are caused soley by female factors. Another 35% results from factors in the male reproductive system, 20% come from both, and 10% is undetermined.

2) Gender selection can be done in IVF Procedure

Gender selection is something that was developed 10-15 years ago, by analyzing the chromosomal make up of an embryo. However this process is illegal across India and therefore both Doctors and patients are unable to select the gender of a baby even whilst undergoing IVF treatment. This is an extremely strict ruling and fertility doctors are not even allowed to evaluate that element of an embryo so the process can remain completely unbiased.


Patients who use frozen eggs instead of fresh have the same chances of success through IVF treatment. At IVF we developed and implemented egg vitrification to improve the results of egg freezing.

What is important to remember is that the success rates of IVF treatment using fresh or frozen eggs depends on the age of the patient when the eggs were removed. The younger the patient was when her eggs were removed the greater the chance of success.

4)   IVF is only for young couples.

Although age is a factor that determines fertility, this procedure can be as effective in ladies in the post-menopausal group as in younger ones. In the older age group, donor eggs from younger females are used. However, it should be kept in mind that the pregnancy rates in older women are lower as compared to younger women,but there is always a possibility to get pregnant through IVF

5)  IVF babies are born with birth defects and  Defect malformations.

The absolute risk of delivering an IVF baby with malformations is low. The risk of an anomalous fetus in spontaneous or IVF babies is the same as in general population.

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Some Common Myths About Infertility / IVF