Sex-during-PregnancySex is the most important activity for a couple planning to conceive. Right from the timing to frequency, it is one thing that they think about all the time.  However, things might go upside down if they do conceive. Sex might suddenly become the last thing on their mind. The reason is concern about its safety during pregnancy. The concern is even greater for those who have struggled with male or female infertility or conceived with an IVF treatment in Delhi.

The main question here is whether sex during pregnancy is safe or not. Is there likelihood that it could hurt the fetus or cause any other pregnancy-related complications? The answer to this question is subjective and varies from person to person. A couple needs to openly discuss the issue with their IVF specialist in Delhi so that they can enjoy their intimacy during this period, without being worried about the baby’s safety.

Sex during Pregnancy: Yes or No

Sex during pregnancy is absolutely safe in a normal pregnancy, whether natural or a result of IVF treatment in Delhi. Nature creates a miracle within a woman’s body, with the baby being safely cocooned inside the uterus. It is protected by amniotic fluid, the abdominal muscles and the mucus plug. There is no way that the impact of sexual intercourse can reach through and cause any threat to the baby. For this reason, the would-be parents need not worry that getting intimate would harm their bundle of joy in any way.

At the same time, the woman may not always be comfortable with the idea of having sex at this time. The hormonal changes in the body usually cause waning of sexual desire. Other physical changes such as nausea, fatigue, weight gain and breast tenderness also cause discomfort. However, there are ways to find a position that makes her feel easy. The couple can also explore other alternatives like cuddling and kissing until the woman is comfortable enough for indulging in sex.

There are some other reasons that the couple may want to abstain from sex. The fear the orgasmic contractions can induce early labor or spontaneous miscarriage is big enough to avoid sex. There are also worried about passing infection to the baby. Most of these concerns are groundless because the amniotic sac and mucus plug play their parts well enough. They act like nature’s mechanism to separate the uterus from the external world and shelter the baby from any dangers. All these doubts can be cleared with the advice from IVF specialists in Delhi.

When is sex to be avoided during pregnancy?

There are some complications which could make sex a taboo during these nine months. The gynecologist would warn the couple to abstain if they find consider the pregnancy a high-risk one. Pregnancies conceived with IVF treatment in Delhi generally fall in this category. The following conditions are regarded as red flags:

  • There is a risk of premature labor
  • The woman has a history of miscarriage or recurrent miscarriages
  • There is unexplained vaginal bleeding any time during the pregnancy
  • The amniotic sac has ruptured or there is a leakage of amniotic fluid
  • There is a complication related to low-lying placenta or placenta previa
  • The woman has an incompetent cervix (hyperlink to the blog on cervical incompetence)
  • Sex is also to be avoided if the male partner has a sexually transmitted infection
  • Some IVF specialists in Delhi would recommend abstinence if a couple has conceived after multiple failed cycles

The gynecologist usually puts sex off-limits if any of these conditions exist in a case. However, the restriction may be temporary or last for the entire nine month period, depending upon individual circumstances. There may also be some conditions that may be applied by the IVF specialists in Delhi in this context. For instance, some couple may be allowed penetration but no orgasm while others are suggested to use a condom every time they have sexual contact. The patient should seek clear guidance without any hesitation because the safety of the baby is involved.

Having sex during pregnancy is as much a matter of personal comfort as it is of medical discretion. The gynecologist’s advice should be taken into careful consideration to ensure safety of sex during this delicate phase. At the same time, the male partner needs to respect the female partner’s decision whether pregnancy is natural or with IVF treatment in Delhi. There are ways other than having sex to feel closer. After all, it is the growing baby inside the womb that is the living indication of a couple’s intimacy.

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